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Rumors Wall Street to Give Out Bitcoin Bonuses


Apparently even bankers do not want fiat printed funny money anymore, with rumors going around they may get some of their fat bonuses in bitcoin.

“The bitcoin bonus could be one of the methodologies in recruiting better talent into your organization,” said Bob Graham, a digital currency expert at accounting and advisory firm Friedman.

Wall Street insiders are claiming banks and brokerages will give traders and bankers bitcoin and cryptocurrency wallets to spice up their big year-end payout of cash and stocks options.

It might be one way to celebrate this miraculous year as bitcoin now goes very much mainstream with the launch of futures in just a few hours.

But bankers and bitcoin may not be quite a mix many saw back in the day, with the currency invented to address shortcomings in the current financial system, including banking collapses.

However, bankers probably know better than anyone else just how rotten some parts of the system are, so they might appreciate what bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology offers, as well as potentially other digital currencies, such as ethereum, and tokens.

And even if they don’t, they must be salivating at the stupendous gains seen in bitcoin this year, which opened January at $1,000 and rose to a brief high of almost $20,000 this December.

We do wonder what Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s CEO, has to say now, but the debate continues on whether this is a huge bubble about to crash or just the beginning of a relentless bull market.

With no one sure, but people are flocking with bitcoin service providers like Coinbase and Blockchain Wallet adding new customers by the hundreds of thousands.

Mania or a new normal? A fear of missing out (FOMO) rush or a paradigm change? Who is to say, but with even bankers trying to be cool by associating with bitcoin, we can at least say that the asset is now very popular indeed.

Marking a year few will forget as bitcoin becomes a world phenomena and cryptocurrencies rise to household brands.


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  1. This is totally a fake news. They are not selling bitcoins on bonuses. Bit coin is on its highest rate and why they sell it on bonuses when they are gaining huge profits. It is not true, it is all rumors. (

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