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The Crypto Generation


United they stand, across borders, from Africa to Arabia, China, Europe and America. Divided by language and borders, united by price orders.

What dreams do they have, as they fly that pioneering flag, from poor to rich, whatever color of man? What plans in their mind as they now take key positions in civil services across the globe?

On their shoulders, the fate of the human race. In a race since time itself. To beat entropy by any means available to the genes. To run faster, stronger and higher. To the Andromeda Galaxy and further.

The digital generation now marches. With the keys on their hands for the world is now theirs. And in this time of great repute, what tales with the poets tell.

Is this the brink of another enlightenment? Will they praise us to the heavens? Will our names become immortal, will our deeds transcend time itself?

Of that, no one cares, but like we were told before this millennium, a new awareness was to rise. The age of the fish, the place where life itself, myths tell us, begun.

For it is a fish, we are told, who realized or was made by circumstances to realize, he was in water. And so perhaps in draught, it walked on land, with a new reality thus forming, with a new world of wonder grabbing the imagination and aspiration of an old same world.

This is a generation that was born at a time when communism fell. Though we know little about it, we know plenty. This is a generation which experienced the global peace of the 90s. A generation that saw that peace stolen from them in the opening of this golden millennium. A generation that witnessed while still powerless young adults the theft of trillions from us directly for we were made effectively homeless and jobless.

And now, this generation rules the world. Sometimes literally, like the Austrian prime minister, but more often, far less directly.

We are the doctors now, the lawyers, the consultants, the marketeers and even the bankers. We are in congress, in parliament, in Politburo and everywhere else. We are the journalists, the artists, the future itself.

We are no longer naive. Instead, we are the most educated generation in history and the richest too probably, pioneering a new world of bots, of global artificial intelligence networks. At the edge of an upgrade of man we stand.

The young look up to us with admiration. The elders look down with admiring caution. We look to no where but that dream of flying cars in our own lifetime. That dream of ambitious achievement. Of human creativity and ingenuity.

Our concerts are no longer brainwashing beat repeating pretty faces. Our rockstars instead are the doers, the builders. The mathematicians. The scientists. The coders. They are now our gods.

Their names we sing in holy churches. Like the Pythagorus’ star. Telling all, through conviction, there is something new here, and you should see it.

Our genes compel us. It all gives meaning. For in a world where many work to subdue, what is more satisfying than working to liberate?

They say man can’t be good. Man is mischievous, devious. But it is man that has advanced from an animal to now a glorious thing. It is man that now can fly, swim under the sea, and even go to the moon. It is man that can see our very cell civilizations as well as the universe itself.

He could not achieve it if he was not good. He could not achieve it if he was irrational. He could not achieve it if he was emotional.

He achieved it because he is a network. And now, we are externalizing that network. We are abstracting it to code itself. Creating something so very different. Externalizing in effect our own intellect.

And though there may be many fools, or super short term interested idiots, the genes compel towards what is self evidently good and true.

Thus the crypto generation rises in this miraculous year. May the poets of the future give us the acclaim we hope to gain and may the elders of the present see our ways.

As for what they call Generation Z, because they have no creativity whatever, so giving our elder brothers and sisters the label Generation X after they could not come up with a better name following the baby boomers, then giving this generation the name of Y, until someone thought hey, millennial, and then giving current university students the label of Z, as if we all are packing our bags, we can give them a far better name to enjoy, the crypto generation.

For you are the very first to be very familiar with non-state issued currency. So flocking to crypto this year, in a land so familiar, for it is internet money after all, and yet in a land so young, like your very selves.

And if you object to such honorable name, how about a more umbrella term, the digerati. For beyond just crypto, you will be the biggest generation in history to work for yourselves, primarily through the internet, so bypassing that main criticism of Marx.

And of course, you are the first generation that was born at a time when the internet was found in every home. Making you thus the digital generation, or, said in a cooler way, the digerati.

Long may you dream of ambition, especially as a new year now dawns.


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