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Fingers Pointed at Reddit Admins After R/btc Account Hacks


Just as everyone was getting ready for Christmas, on or around December 20th, a person or a group of individuals managed to hack the account of an r/btc moderator.

The aim became quickly evident. The hacker/s blanked the subreddit’s first page, showing instead a link to r/bitcoin. It’s unclear whether they did anything else.

Screenshot of hacked r/btc

On the new year’s day itself, a bch tipper revealed his tippr bot funds had been stolen. He says:

“My Reddit account has been compromised and my tippr balance has been withdrawn without my consent. I always make sure that my passwords consist of random letters and symbols and never user the same password twice. I received an email this morning stating that my password had been reset even though no one had accessed my email account (even the email was unopened).”

The mystery deepened when a malware expert claimed he too had been hacked despite taking considerable security precautions:

“I work anti-malware as a living, internet security is my passion. My computer is not infected, my passwords are never reused. They are complicated and unique for every single site I use. My reddit password was generated with the same algorithm the 2 passwords below use. It is not guessable, and is not used anywhere but reddit.”

The hack, apparently, did not involve any password reset, with some suggesting the only reasonable conclusion was an inside job by a reddit admin.

After calls kept growing for an explanation, a Reddit admin said today “we’ve been investigating,” without further elaborating on the matter.

Could it really be an inside job or is this just another black hat tactic used by Bitcoin Core supporters? Who is to know until the investigation completes, if ever.

But one of the most visible advantages of BCH over BTC, the tippr bot, is now down. It intuitively showed just how more fun low fees and no congestion can be. For now, it does no longer.

BashCo, an r/bitcoin moderator, used to be an employee of changetip, a btc tip bot. That was closed down for unclear reasons, with BashCo soon after given mod status.

A likewise tip bot perhaps has no chance of returning for bitcoin, but Bitcoin Cash supporters have shown resilience previously in the face of attacks by Bitcoin Core supporters, so the BCH tip bot might be back.


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