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Where Are the Artists?


With a booming economy nearing one trillion dollars, substantial innovation that grabs imagination, you’d think songs would be sung, but while the painters may have come, the writers too, the singers are no where to be found.

Perhaps few can forget hearing the Cyprus Anthem for the first time, back in 2013 during the last bull run and while Greece was on its knees.

The dubbed Swedish Mafia adaptation spoke to why bitcoin was invented. As we all know, banks took money off the Cypriots directly, literally reducing their saving accounts amounts. The people revolted, but the kings kept their heads. Bitcoin so rising as the only choice.

That song has not been topped even now when the ecosystem is vastly bigger. None even comes close. They do not even come close to the bitcoin girl song. A likewise adaptation that portrays a world where money is bitcoin.

Why? Does bitcoin no longer inspire? With it now unusable as a currency, does it leave much to sing about? And although Bitcoin Cash has in a way taken the mantle, Bitcoin Cash girl doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

What of ethereum then? That certainly inspires imagination, but the spirit is different. More… technological improvement or advances and less radical returning of money into the people’s hands.

On the surface anyway, for eth has the exact qualities of bitcoin, does so in many ways better, and has far more on top, but they intentionally chose to tone down the rhetoric, in part as a backlash of sorts against some very over the top early rhetoric in bitcoin.

Yet, no one thought to express in song this astonishing rise and the miraculous year that seemingly continues in 2018. Not even about crypto in general, for if bitcoin itself no longer inspires, then surely there must be something to sing about the entire crypto scene.

Far too much, actually, but perhaps the reason is these monopolies, the record labels, that act as gatekeepers, hold the keys, keeping all out, making it difficult for indy singers to get a break.

With a number of blockchain projects working on that problem, it might perhaps be just a matter of time until songs to this space are sung. Until then, perhaps, we’ll have to make do with just cheap titles to already sung songs.

Sad, however, to see a bitcoin that once inspired so ferociously now reduced to nothing more than a shell of itself, where a community 100x bigger than it was sings it no songs, for what can you sing to a mere collectible.

Which is why one hopes artists find inspiration in one of the other top blockchains, for the show is going on, and those Cypriots still need a peaceful way to revolt.


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  1. My girlfriend’s an aspiring singer/rapper/edm producer. She’s also into crypto. Don’t worry, that song is coming. She sung one that went something like “Everyone’s into crypto, everyone’s into crypto, buy your Bitcoins or Ethereum. Dash, Monero, Zcash and then, hold it till it reaches one million, dollars, euros, pounds or yen.” “Don’t pay me in cash, it never lasts yo, but i’ll gladly take all your crypto. Checking out the charts and my portfolio, trade on G-DAX, not Polo.”

    So yeah, just wait, the song is coming.

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