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Kraken Stuck in Maintenance For Hours on End


One of the biggest crypto exchange has been upgrading their system now for almost two days in a maintenance that was meant to take just two hours.

They begun the upgrade at 5AM yesterday with the first update stating it was taking longer than anticipated and they should be back up within two hours. Two hours later, they said it would take another two hours. Then there was this:

Unverified screenshot.

The second bizarre status update above is unverified, but the latest status update for the exchange says:

“We are still working to resolve the issues that we have identified and our team is working around the clock to ensure a smooth upgrade.¬†This means it may still take several hours before we can relaunch the site.”

This is probably the longest upgrade in crypto history and it isn’t quite clear what exactly is going on. It was meant to launch on January 6th, but then it was delayed and delayed, with the exchange stating at the time:

“While performing final checks ahead of rollout, we discovered a problem in one of the system components and expect to make another attempt after the issue has been resolved, in the next few days.”

They provided no detail regarding what issue was discovered, but their status page said at midnight that funds are secure and that the “protracted downtime has nothing to do with funding/reserves.”

Kraken has been experiencing problems for months with their trading interface often pretty much unusable, requiring 20 attempts or more to cancel/place orders.

Often, the site itself was inaccessible giving a catalogue of errors clearly indicating the exchange could not handle the trading demand.

Finally, they appear to have gotten around to upgrading it, but their initial estimate of two hours has now locked customers out for more than a day without any clear indication of when they might actually be back up.


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