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The Big Bitcoin Cash Question: Green or Orange?


There is a big problem in the Bitcoin Cash land, no one seems to know whether they should go green or stay orange.

On team orange we have CoinMarketCap, one of the biggest crypto site f5-ed by everyone every 0.5 seconds with some even daring to go down the rabbit hole of the 1,426 currencies.

Yes, there’s TrumpCoin, BianceCoin and everything in between, but lets get back to this huge problem, is green the new orange or is orange the… erm… just orange?

Coinmarketcap is not necessarily showing a preference for orange. They’re just going by whatever the bitcoin cash site says. But keeping orange has support. It’s more visible, it’s loud, bold, it’s fun and cheery, it’s the color bitcoin always used, and since Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin, it’s the color it should use, team orange says.

Team green moans about the square around the orange circle logo. Initially, it was just the bitcoin logo tilted 90 degrees to the left, now it’s that, but within a square to symbolize cash and to differentiate.

Many say it looks awful, especially next to other logos. It’s too wide, so it looks smaller next to others. And it’s just ugly, the square, circle, it’s a mess.

So support for green is growing and they’re backed by none other than Coinbase itself, the biggest crypto broker and exchange.

Green is cash and trees and the color of money, but not very noticeable on shop windows, especially next to orange, red, or white. The orange logo with just a circle with no square around it just feels better, but 90 degrees doesn’t differentiate much, so big problem.

What to do! Well, we are big believers in democracy, so we’ll hold a poll, and if the results appear genuine, we’ll use whichever colored logo you choose in our trustnodes featured images. We don’t really care so, cast your dices below.

[poll id=”4″]


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