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Crypto Band Debuts in Tokyo


The Virtual Currency Girls, a group dedicated to singing about crypto, debuted in Tokyo recently singing “The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me,” a song that contains such lines as “Hot day, forget myself, go to the moon.”

The eight girls band, each representing a cryptocurrency, from Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin, ethereum, and the rest, aims to educate individuals about crypto in an entertaining way.

The rock like pop lyrics with a Japanese twang sound like any Japanese song, except it contains some recognizable words, such as bitcoin or ICO.

You can only pay with crypto for the shows or any of the merchandize, with the singers themselves paid in bitcoin.

For 0.001 btc, worth around $15, you can shake hands with your favorite crypto girl and have some small talk, with the green Bitcoin Cash girl leading the band.

It is the first group dedicated to singing about crypto since Zhou Tonged sang the Cyprus Anthem in 2013 at the beginning of the last crypto boom.

The Kasotsuka Shojo (Digital Currency Girls), however, appear to be singing original songs rather than adapting already popular songs.

It is not surprising that Tokyo, out of all places, gave rise to this group. The island nation has embraced digital currencies, declaring bitcoin, eth, and the rest, as legal tender. A very first and the only country to do so.

Their biggest exchange, bitFlyer, has considerably grown recently, expanding to America, indicating an increasing popularity of digital currencies in Japan.

The country might be eying a strategic competitive advantage following China’s ban of crypto exchanges last year.

With talk South Korea could do the same, Tokyo might be rising as a regional hub for blockchain technology in general and crypto in particular.

They licensed some 11 exchanges last year in a symbolic move, while SBI Holdings, a Japanese giant with a market cap of half a trillion, has been prolific in this space, signing numerous deals.

It remains to be seen whether Tokyo will do what Britain did in 2014, and so steal the thunder from its neighbors by declaring the island open for business in potentially a crucial moment.

But they have already shown great foresight in declaring crypto as legally acceptable for debt payments by the force of legal tender laws.


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