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Billionaires Meet Blockchain Entrepreneurs in Switzerland


Switzerland, the relatively small nation in the heart of Europe, which has maintained independence for nearly half a millennium and has been at peace for two centuries, was home to more than a dozen billionaires in the glitzy Swiss ski resort of St. Moritz where the exclusive three-day Crypto Finance Conference was held.

The Swiss Minister of the Economy was given a prize at the conference in recognition of his championing of this space. He in turn waved the crypto flag, declaring Switzerland should become a crypto nation.

Shafqat Hussain, from a Monaco-based family fund attending the event, said according to reuters: “I see more people going into cryptocurrency and blockchain. I reckon it’s the next big thing.” While Daniel Gutenberg, a Venture Capitalist (VC) said:

“In all other disruptive industries I’ve been a part of, it always took ten to twenty years to go mainstream and get mainstream money, and the blockchain revolution has done that in three years.

So now there’s plenty of money, and plenty of super-intelligent people working on it… I think it will advance at a speed that surprises us all.”

Maybe Daniel. We’ll have to see now in 2018, but it seems clear the money makers are smelling, well, money making. Here’s Michael Sidler, a partner at Zurich-based venture investor Redalpine:

“Whereas a venture capitalist will contribute maybe $2-3 million over two years, an ICO will raise $15 million in two weeks.”

Some of them even have a website. Right guys? For those with a bit more, these venture capitalists and billionaires will have to compete with the masses.

Because now the money making capitalist system is being opened to all. And however much SEC might wish to cry over their discriminatory laws being fully ignored, innovation marches forward.

In Switzerland, in London, in Tokyo, in the Silicon Valley, in Estonia, and much of everywhere else where the smartest minds see the digital revolution has but begun.


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