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Sideways Friday Roundup


Good morning America. The sun is shining here in London today so that means the Brits are happy, and since they dominate the internet waves when you are asleep, they might have been spreading some cheer.

Sentiment generally seems upbeat. The Bitcoin Cash sub feels kind of nice for once, if you ignore one or two threads. The Bitcoin Core sub is back to meme land with some Lightning here and there.

The main ethereum sub has turned technical, cosy and nice. Ethtrader is back to fun playground as always. And finally the biggest sub of them all by far, Cryptocurrency, is back to… erm… namedropping coins.

If you don’t know who John Bollinger is, then probably suffices to say he contributed to the “field” of Technical Analysis a new measure called Bollinger bands to which voodoo traders pay attention.

The man tweeted the above to his 45,000 followers. We don’t know what he means except ethereum. Something to do with bands no doubt. Maybe they’re too tight?

“Older” cryptonians might remember this guy from 2016 when he said bitcoins bands were so tight. We know what happened then, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens now.

You remember Bitstamp? The no margins exchange some traders call turtle because it’s always slow to move due to lower relative liquidity because no margins? Well, business there is apparently booming. Here’s what they say:

“By mid-December, we were onboarding tens of thousands of new customers daily, with our customer base more than doubling in just a few months.”

Tens of thousands is a bit less than hundreds of thousands some other exchanges have experienced, but it’s clear this space is growing.

Which mean the recent boom is probably not just due to Tether, a centralized “crypto” that apparently printed another $400 million in the past three days. Meh, if the European Central Bank can print $60 billion a month…

Tether’s market cap

We found out today someone had stolen our name, trustnodes, on namecoin. How dare they! Won’t someone call the navy?

That crypto-platform is so old most of you probably don’t know what it is and those of you who do are probably surprised it’s still around, we were. Which might make it a smart marketing trick by whoever terk our name.

Ah, yes, if you don’t know, namecoin is basically the Ethereum Name Service with both being a decentralized domain name which is connected to crypto. As in, you can actually send eth to an ENS domain name.

Thankfully, no one has “stolen” our ethereum domain name yet, as far as we are aware, but well, at this point we are just asking for it aren’t we.

Now this is the table chat not worthy of full article “news” section and what we are going to do today is round up some press releases because some of them might be interesting. Like this one:

Kleros, whose name means ‘chance’ in Greek and is related to the Kleroterion, which was a stone randomization device used in democratic processes in ancient Greece, has introduced a new decentralized autonomous organization built on the Ethereum blockchain that will act as a dispute resolution layer for virtually any product or service.

Kleros’ vision is to build a justice protocol for the Internet.

The project relies on concepts from game theory, cryptography and blockchain for securing evidence, selecting jurors and providing incentives to make honest decisions. Incentives are based on a game theoretical concept known as focal point.”

They’re not the only one trying to disrupt the court system by incorporating arbitration and tribunals within a system of smart contracts. Delegit, for example, conducted the world’s first smart contract based arbitration proceedings back in July last year. But it does seem like an interesting project because a world where code is law might need code lawyers.

Money is flowing, at least in a platform called Request Network. They’re a Y-Combinator startup which raised 100,000 ETH last year (over $100 million at today’s valuation),  and has announced the creation of a new grant program that will distribute $30 million over the next five years to fuel innovation around the Request protocol.

We haven’t really looked into them but initially they will start with eth requests and payments, with the platform being an invoicing hub of sorts, describing itself as:

“A formal central management hub for sending money, managing payment requests and handling formal invoices, with everything stored on an immutable blockchain ledger to allow for formal accounting and auditing. This opens cryptocurrency invoicing and payments to be used more easily in a business setting. Request Network also works with every global currency.” That’s eventually, as stated initially it will be just eth.

“OriginTrail, a blockchain-based supply chain technology company, has reached the hard cap of its ICO within 18 minutes of its opening to raise $22.5 million.

The company will use the funding to help meet its goal to provide transparency to supply chains, combating problems exacerbated by an opaque supply chain, including food safety violations, counterfeits, sweatshops and more.”

They’ll have a lot of competition in that space, a lot of competition, because a day doesn’t go by without us hearing about another supply chains project which might indicate that industry could face some big disruption and considering the industry is what sends all those cheap phones from China to America it is a very big industry indeed.

“Republic Protocol, a new anticipated decentralized ‘dark pool’ for cryptocurrency trading, has partnered with Digix, the first company to conduct an ICO on the Ethereum blockchain and the maker of gold-backed DGX tokens.

Republic customers will be able to trade BTC, ETH or ERC20 based digital assets on a hidden order book directly with DGX tokens, which are redeemable for 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA standard gold per token.”

They could have found a better name, but we mention it because dark pool sounds cool and more importantly because of stablecoins. Considering the seemingly popularity of Tether, and its many problems, eth based stable coins like DGX and DAI might become a lot more useful in the future.

Smart Containers Group has started accepting ETH and BTC for payments. “Through its SkyCell AG division, they have been a leading manufacturer of temperature-controlled containers for pharmaceuticals since its inception in 2012,” according to their press release.

Apparently “SkyCell AG is the fourth largest container provider globally and has partnerships with a number of major airlines specializing on pharmaceuticals including CargoLux and Emirates SkyCargo.”

This might be, perhaps we are wrong, but this might be the very first supplier to accept crypto for payments. Unfortunately they do not accept Bitcoin Cash, if they did, BCH supporters would have been very excited because they are trying to create a cycle where customers, merchants, employees and suppliers all operate on BCH.

There have been quite a few of the first three doing so, but not many, if any, suppliers. That however might begin to change. Which means that cycle might be closer than we think.

The last one we are going to mention today is AidCoin. It sounded like a joke to us too when we first saw the name, but it’s actually apparently a serious project. This is what we are told:

“Trust in the charity sector is in constant decline, as many non-profit organizations have engaged in the misappropriation and misuse of funds, leading to donors demanding increased accountability and transparency.

In response to this CharityStars, the online auction platform for the nonprofit sector, has created AidCoin, the token for charitable giving, aiming to provide transparency and rebuild trust in the nonprofit sector, allowing donors to track their charitable donations through blockchain on the AIDChain platform, an ecosystem of services for all actors involved in the nonprofit sector.

The public token sale swiftly concluded in less than 90 minutes yesterday, reaching its hard cap of 14,333 ETH or $16.5 Million USD upon close of sale. The funds raised will contribute towards building the AidCoin ecosystem and infrastructure.”

Well, there you are. A nice upbeat ending for a nice sunny Friday. Hope you enjoyed the table chat and until next time may god bless this free land.


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