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Bitcoin Cash Rains on Venezuela


Cashers are on a mission to rescue Venezuela, the once richest country in the region, now reduced to the poorest solely due to the decisions of very few out of touch, bankrupt and corrupt mostly men.

Professors can no longer afford books. Children are starving for food. It is a tragedy happening on our own watch. But now, with the millennials earning an income, we no longer need wait for our elders, we can help them ourselves.

“Many people are in need for food, medicines, and the lack of money is one of the heaviest thing in Venezuela,” says a Venezuelan. “$1 take care of yourselves,” a Casher responds, with a bot duly telling the Venezuelan: “you’ve received 0.0005377 BCH ($1 USD)!”

It is one tip among many on the Venezuelan sub where digital cash was raining. And just like that, from the comforts of ones home, money crossed the world.

It is a miracle of this age that one can go somewhere, without doing so physically. Now, their money can physically do so, without requiring permission from anyone, as people regain their liberty with old mottos once more sang.

Bitcoin Cash: The Separation of Money and State.

With the blocksize “debate” over, they are once more singing the anthem and waving the crypto flag for the real bitcoin can now scale, and it can scale to Visa levels or higher right now.

That’s because Cashers do not care how big the nodes get. If the internet, with its unimaginable amount of data crossing the world, can still remain decentralized, so can Bitcoin Cash.

Businesses, hobbyists, miners, and anyone who wants, can run a node. And if they have to pay $10,000 for it, that’s a tiny price for the privilege of operating a global peer to peer network, where value floats freely, instantly, at a cost of sub-pennies.

The wealth that would be created by such highly more efficient network, which replaces so many intermediaries and rent seekers, would dwarf any cost of running it, a cost that would be no more than a drop in the ocean.

The network is thus ready right now and where it is currently most needed is Venezuela, a country that has descended into destitution solely due to the mismanagement of their money by their out of touch elite.

That one dollar worth of BCH might look little to us, but in a country where inflation of some 6,000% has led to max ATM withdrawals being worth just 10 cent, that $1 dollar could feed a family for some time.

Wages there have apparently fallen to just $10 a month, a statistic that by itself can allow one to imagine just how tragic the situation is in the country.

Yugoslavian hyperinflation during the 90s.

Bitcoin Cash, of course, wouldn’t overnight change the situation in Venezuela. Most of them do not even know what it is, but in a desperate situation, things can move very fast indeed.

There is talk of rain dropping Bitcoin Cash to Venezuelan phones, dumb or smart. With no permission required, no one can prevent it. And with the crypto flag now flying high once more, focus on usability, convenience and the rest is back.

Such rain-drop can therefore be done on a technical level, but execution would be important. They’d need to be told what they are receiving. Something like, this is a humanitarian operation due to the very high inflation. We are from the internet, giving you free alternative money so that commerce can flourish again.

The “stunt” is far more likely to fail than not, but it could also spark a debate in homes, in local shops, in neighborhoods, and word could quickly spread in a country on its knees.

Moreover, the government would be reduced to mere rhetoric against it, for they could not possibly enforce any law against an entire people, especially as the policemen, who themselves must eat, would probably join their children, their brothers and their sisters.

It could perhaps even be overnight that a nation wakes up to new money, with shops beginning to accept it by the end of day, and by the end of the month the country could return back to flourishing commerce.

The glorious, peaceful, British flavored, incremental, revolution, has thus begun, as cashers are freed once more, with Nakamoto on one hand, Hayek on the other, under the crypto banner.


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