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Stealth Ethereum Blockchain Company Buys $1 Billion Worth of Land Next to Tesla and Google


A little known blockchain software development company, with an apparent focus on the ethereum ecosystem, has bought 64,000 acres at the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center, which hosts Tesla, Google and Switch, amongst others.

“BLOCKCHAINS [LLC] will be joining the likes of Tesla, Google, and Switch in calling the Tahoe Reno Industrial (TRI) Center, the largest industrial park in the world, home.

During development of our campus, a newly renovated facility just outside of the TRI Center will act as our temporary headquarters until the campus is complete,” they say in a somewhat barren website.

They appear to be a subsidiary of Berns Inc, which describes itself as a boutique software development studio with a focus on “creating practical applications that use blockchain-based technology and incorporate important consumer protection tools.”

With that parent company so seemingly owned by David Berns and Jeffrey Berns, who claim to be lawyers.

The only named functioning subsidiary of Berns Inc is EthNews, a media site focused on the ethereum ecosystem that seemingly came out of no where and appears to have corporate connections.

Only 150 acres, out of the 64,000 bought, will be used to build a campus for the company. What the rest will be used for remains unclear.

Some are speculating the obvious: mining. But in the middle of the dessert, that might seem like a curious location because mining gear heats easily, thus considerable expenses in cooling might be required.

However, solar panels could provide cheap electricity for the energy hungry miners, so potentially compensating for cooling costs and perhaps making it more profitable than cold areas like North Canada.

But mining might appear uncharacteristic for an eth focused software development company as ethereum plans to move to Proof of Stake. Yet they could be leasing it to bitcoiners or others, so potentially creating a very influential concentrated crypto centre.

For now, much of that is speculation, with the company saying little, but what was once a crypto plaything for nerds, is now clearly moving into big money, bringing in billions into some countries and cities.


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  1. This indicate the potential of blockchain. No wonder blockchain can be a new internet.

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