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BitPay Prepares For Bitcoin Cash Integration


The biggest crypto payments processor, with more than 100,000 merchants, is seemingly getting ready to integrate Bitcoin Cash (BCH) within their services.

In an update, BitPay revealed a new plugging fully compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce software, as well as two new pluggings making them compatible with the WHMCS marketplace and PrestaShop.

“These updates will open up new BitPay features coming soon to BitPay merchants, including Bitcoin Cash support,” the company said.

We asked for clarification whether the WooCommerce plugging now has support for Bitcoin Cash, as well as confirmation for when they expect to fully integrate Bitcoin Cash, but have received no response at the time of publishing.

“We’ve received repeated requests from merchants and users over the years to support additional blockchain payment methods,” BitPay said in December, before further adding:

“We added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) support to the BitPay wallet app in September of this year. Since then, we’ve had growing demand from our merchants and their customers to enable Bitcoin Cash support for our payment processing services, too.

We will begin adding support for a Bitcoin Cash payment option this year, starting with BitPay Card loads. All BitPay invoices will include a Bitcoin Cash payment option by default in early 2018.”

They have not provided an update on how many merchants they now serve for quite some time, but in December they revealed they had processed one billion dollars worth of value during 2017.

Microsoft, Neteller, Virgin Galactic, Shopify, and Zynga, are just some of the merchants known to accept crypto payments through BitPay.

Whether they have yet offered them the ability to accept Bitcoin Cash is not yet known, but the functionality should be coming soon.

At which point we might see once more a celebration of merchants adoption as Bitcoin Cash tries again to be a people’s currency, usable for daily commerce at almost no fee, pretty much instantly, and across the globe.

With its market cap now far bigger than bitcoin’s market cap was when many of the merchants begun accepting it for payment, whether they will be enticed to add Bitcoin Cash too, remains to be seen.

But, to support merchants, Bitcoin Cash backers are trying to replace the hodl motto with “use and replace.” That is: buy goods with BCH and buy the same amount of BCH spent on the goods at the same time, thus using the BCH and replacing it.

So, at least initially, merchants that accept it for payments might be rewarded by Bitcoin Cash supporters who want to create a crypto economy. Potentially by itself providing sufficient incentive for them to add it.


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