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Forget Moon, We’re Going to Mars… With Lambos!


The world’s imagination was grabbed yesterday by the biggest rocket ever launching to space, with it all live-streamed as a generation starts again dreaming of the space age.

Two million viewers tuned into the Youtube channel as a vapor filled rocket turned on its ignition, ready for space.

The rocket about to launch.

The dreams we dream. At about three minutes into the countdown, you could feel the tension. Will it blow up, will it launch to the sky?

At 10 seconds you could metaphorically hear the screams overpowered by the chorus of 10… 9… 8. And then the cheers as history is witnessed.

The rocket successfully launches.

As fun as all that was, the best part is yet to come. The live camera footages of space will come down to earth from the rocket.

Then, you see what looks like a troll image. Some meme-ish car with our blue planet in the background flickers.

You dismiss it because it’s silly. It can’t be real can it? Musk is a troll, confirmed. And then you find it’s real. What? IT’S REAL. No way! Crazy Musk has sent an actual tesla to space!

Flying car

It’s not quite the flying car we imagined, but it’s the flying car we deserve. Although we hear some cool kids are designing actual flying cars.

Yup, things are moving very fast. Soon we might be wizzing to and fro for fun and duty on flying hoverboards of sorts.

And if Musk has his way, we might soon have breakfast in London, lunch in New York, Dinner in Shanghai and back home for evening bed time.

That’s perhaps after we’ve enjoyed our holiday in Mars, where the pioneers might tell us about god knows whatever they’ve invented as man stands on the brink of becoming a multi-planetary species.

Once there, it should perhaps be easier to become multi-solar, and then maybe multi-galaxy. At which point perhaps one day we’ll find out the universe is also round, and circulates around other universes, ad-infinitum.


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