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Has the Storm Passed Tablechat?


What a week, and it’s barely half-way through. Fear, panic, despair, Mars teslas, Giancarlo memes, clueless SEC, cell-phone millionaire… in the senate, China bans – yes, they forgot they already did that… again – North Korean wiz hackers taking all our muneh – in the head of military personnel who actually really wants to take our muneh – oh, and Japan waving the crypto flag.

That’s not even mentioning the many things we didn’t mention. At this speed, our real age is going to be over 3,000 because time stops when it moves fast… or something. Meh, as long as we can drive lambos on Mars, who cares?

But something has changed, you know. Something. They kind of… they kind of like us now. We did crash their stock market so maybe they’ve figured out we buddies instead, but the vibe is different.

It’s as if everyone – except for the luddites of course – has realized that there is something here and that there is an innovation and that it has potential, and benefits, and uses. That it is here to stay.

That last sentence does not sound like much, but it is a fundamental change. For many years, even (primarily) in this space, many have been saying this is an experiment, we don’t know if it works.

Now we have reached a stage where we can say it’s not really an experiment anymore, it works. You know, it does what it’s meant to do, like clockwork.

You guys remember Snowden? Bitcoin is flawed he said as late as, when was it, 2016? Well, it’s not. It’s slow and still under the influence of first come first serve lucky coders who first heard of it and started contributing without any requirement to be grounded, reasonable, or… well without any requirement for anything, but the thing itself, the blocks and the chains and the value transfers and all the rest, it just works, there’s no flaw.

And we’re just beginning to realize this change from an experimentation to tested and proven. A pretty fundamental change that even we here at trustnodes haven’t really quite gotten our head around it.

Now, it’s been some time since the last tablechat because busy, busy, but it’s about time we do a press releases round-up of news you might want to know that haven’t attracted a full article.

The latest such news is Dfinity. They have topped $100m in funding today with a new $61m investment lead by Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.

Some of that money will be used towards a Dfinity Ecosystem Venture Fund to invest in teams building on their platform, with Dfinity itself seemingly being ethereum but better, they claim, because they can do things faster or better in some way.

The name they have chosen does leave much to be desired, but the team does seem capable and of course landing investment from Horowitz does lend some credibility. Yet we’ll see how they progress from concept to the actual thing.

ICOs raised $3.2 billion during the fourth quarter of 2017, we are told, which is  a significant increase over the $1.2 billion raised in Q3. Moreover, ICOs outperformed VC funding by 16x.

“Crypto assets outperformed traditional assets by nearly 13x year-to-date returns, with Bitcoin at 1278.4%, all digital assets at 707.3%, while global equities were at 23.0%, U.S. equities at 18.5%, gold at 11.9%, and global real estate at 4.2%,” Barry’s Coindesk says.

“World renowned photographer, Kevin Abosch, has partnered up with GIFTO Protocol, a blockchain company for virtual gifts, to create the ‘Forever Rose’ – a unique virtual gift on the Ethereum blockchain that will be sold for $1 million this Valentine’s Day.

The $1 million worth of cryptocurrency raised from the sale of the Forever Rose will be donated to The CoderDojo Foundation, whose mission is to ensure that every child around the world should have the opportunity to learn code and to be creative with technology in a safe and social environment.”

Apparently “multiple people” have already applied to purchase it, but we’ll just sit here for a second and realize: ooohhh **** it’s Valentines Day already.

Youtube on the blockchain. “Viewly, a decentralized video platform powered by blockchain and peer-to-peer video sharing technology, announces its ICO to reshape the way people view online videos.

Viewly eliminates the ad-based revenue model and opens the door for creators to creatively monetize their content – even those without huge audiences.”

Is that, that’s Tron, is it, or LBRY? Meh, the more competition the merry… Oh, how cute, we’ve received a comment from Sheila Warren, Head of Blockchain at the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

“It may feel like the bottom has dropped out, but the price of bitcoin is just down to where it was last fall. This seems like little more than a much-needed and unsurprising correction as people with little knowledge exit the market and switch back to more familiar assets. Also unsurprising will be an indication of increased regulation when the CFTC and SEC testify later today.”

Fourth industrial revolution, we hear that term more and more. It stands for the digital revolution, but with blockchain and crypto et al.

Ah, this next one is kind of interesting, for good or bad, so we quote at a bit of length. “Harbor announced $10 million in Series A financing to build a decentralized compliance protocol for standardizing crypto-securities issuance and trading,” we are told.

“The Regulated Token™ (R-Token™) standard, one of Harbor’s first initiatives, is an open source compliance framework for embedding regulatory compliance at the token level, only permitting transactions to occur if they meet applicable rules.

Issuers, broker dealers, underwriters, and/or regulatory bodies can implement the R-Token standard to meet jurisdictional securities regulations, know your customer (KYC) policies, anti-money laundering (AML) requirements, tax considerations, and more.

The R-Token standard is a system of ERC-20 smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain and compatible with the ERC-20 ecosystem.

‘The Harbor protocol will move the industry forward by enforcing regulatory compliance at the token level, thereby meeting core securities requirements regardless of where the trades occur, whether within centralized or decentralized exchanges,’ said Remeika.”

How exactly they’ll do all that we don’t really know, but an easy guess would be they’ll add metadata, so making a private key like a bank account minus the freeze it or take it whenever the bank likes, presumably.

“A team of researchers have published a paper proposing a new programming language called Scilla that aims to solve security and development problems in smart contracts, the underlying framework behind blockchain technology.

Scilla will allow developers to build smart contract applications on any blockchain, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, but it was built specifically to be used with Zilliqa, a new high speed public blockchain platform that uses the technology of ‘sharding’ to achieve transaction rates on par with VISA and Mastercard.”

Academia is clearly coming. UCL, Yale… Ah, finally, some British news:

“UK-based energy solutions provider, Energi Mine, announced on Friday it successfully closed its initial coin offering (ICO) after reaching the funding cap of USD $15 million. The company raised $11M during the ICO pre-sale, and then raised the remaining USD $4M in the first 81 minutes of the public sale.

The new digital token, Energi Token, will use blockchain to reduce the carbon footprint and increase transparency of the world’s energy systems.

The token is… designed to incentivize energy conservation. Users of the new platform will receive Energi Tokens for saving energy by opting for public transportation, reducing at-home power consumption, opting for energy efficient appliances, etc.”

Get paid to be inconvenienced. How quaint, and of course very British. Oh, I know, let’s just pay the peasants.

“Science Inc. today announced an investment in decentralized IT security marketplace PolySwarm. Science Inc., whose investment portfolio includes Medium, Dollar Shave Club, and Wealthfront, runs an incubator called Science Blockchain that focuses on funding and growing leading blockchain companies.

Its most recent investment, PolySwarm, is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts are incentivized to build anti-malware engines that compete to protect against threats.”

Blockchain, malware, swarm, science. What on earth is all this?! We’re out, we’re out! The tablechat is over. But don’t cry, we’ll be back at an undetermined time or day, taking you all by surprise and hopefully giving you some cheer. Until then, may the gods bless our free lands.


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