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Will March Poke It With a Stick?


Very grey skies and white snow covers London as February finally gives way to March. But, if we were expecting some green shoots, we instead find an even colder winter.

That can make for a nice cosy time with some mulled wine and lots of blankets while staring at charts to see if it might possibly move a penny.

It’s dead Jimmy!

For a month now ethereum has been doing sort of nothing, which is quite a bit better than the red January or the scary December.

Those moon pumps and even bigger dumps have given way to zzz naps. But will the music start again or is everyone just too tired? And if the music plays will it sound “off the cliff” or “moon baby”?

On the first question it does feel like everyone is sleepy. It’s cold, it’s boring, everyone still remembers the crazy parties, and the media is still going to that crypto poster boy and his San Francisco house like an echo of what was.

So there could be more boringness to go to shake off those old talking points. And poking it with a stick always has the danger of the bear getting angry.

But playing with bears can be fun, especially as they might anger bulls even more. No one wants to play though. They all tired and lazy now, wanting a night in rather than throwing snow balls around.

However, a month is a very long time and March has just begun. Someone might therefore pock it at some point as the days and weeks progress. Then we can enjoy the show again.

For now, we can just sit tight, keep on hodling, look at the infrastructure grow, thank the gods those bch and btc kids have now finally shut up, keep on dreaming about the Lightning Network and its soon-ish release, about “ready by end of 2016” raiden, about some comma OMG has added to their SDK, and about Casper.

That’s ready isn’t it? What? No! It’s just some new eth client has launched it on testnet too. Ah, another comma. Comman, don’t be like that. You can’t have talk of town news everyday!

Fine, you do the mulled wine then since you’re being the reasonable one. No, no way I’m getting off this blanket. Well, you can take the blanket with you! Urgh… I’m always doing everything!

Hey, you two, what you doing? Get off the microphone! This is live. Jesus. Bitconeeeeeect.


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