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Europe at a Crossroads as Radical Politics Makes a Comeback


The end of history is giving way to interesting times as a radical transformation appears to be underway in the old continent where the world order is on trial.

Technological advances through global networks that have opened knowledge to all and have connected people across the world are structurally transforming the way we organize and the way we perceive current forms of organizing.

The European Union in particular is now opened to question as nationalism gains ascendance with the previous push towards centralizing power now facing a push-back towards localizing it.

A force to be reckoned with in Italy, M5S, now questions Germany’s perceive disproportionate role in EU lawmaking, with Merkel herself on trial at a coalition vote by the country’s Social Democrats.

In Britain, they are courting Germany to give them a good deal while sending side-arm snubs. Turkey is rising. Russia plays the part. Trump eyes China.

A people’s revolt through the ballot box appears to be underway, but is this all a ploy? Is this simply a continuation of the tectonic shifts that opened this century and now have brought the us and them politics? With us being whatever color, gender, class, religion or nationality and them being the not one of us?

Are we being led to war, slowly but suredly, now that our grandfathers who fought in world wars give way to history? Is this all being accelerated now that university students no longer remember a time of world peace, when politics was stupendously boring and of no care to anyone?

When shouting USA would have been seen as obscene for the great towers of wealth spoke for themselves and all looked up to it with artists singing Go West, it is peaceful there.

What is happening now? What is the vision of this new world? Where are we going? Back to the past? Some unknown future no one has envisioned? Static present? The old we have always been at war with X?

The world is running in two trajectories. The old geopolitics and the new technological innovation which tries to answer some old questions through code.

The two are in a race. With technology promising optimism, while geopolitics continues its path to war through divisions alongside arbitrary categories such as race, nation, religion, gender and so on.

Geopolitical tensions have not been so high in a century. The mainstream media no longer even pretends to be unbiased. Going full on propaganda. There was a time, if you don’t remember, when CNN was actually hailed as the pinnacle of news.

And even the BBC, which is paid by British citizens directly and is therefore accountable to them in theory, engages in completely biased reporting, in this case of a speech by the Bank of England Governor.

As we covered it, Carney had a lot of positive things to say about cryptocurrencies, including that they point the way to the future, but none of that made it anywhere in BBC’s report of a “crackdown” and “mania.” Even though their piece has a commentator who calls the money printer a “sherif.” Whatever happened to FCA?

This lifting of the veil, where the media no longer even pretends and in effect becomes propaganda, is a very dangerous matter. For the emperor no longer has to even pretend he has clothes.

In such situations it usually ends up with the people revolting against the emperor himself, but one would hope we would be blessed with another two decades of peace as they slowly boil the frog.

Which could, one hopes, give sufficient time for advances in technology and global co-operation through code networks to prevent any march towards war, and refocus our energy instead towards better ways of organizing and governing ourselves so that our gains come not from illiterate peasants, but from our achieving intellect.


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