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Ethtraders are crying today on their cute duvets under rainy Landan. When bull mummy? – an imaginary one says. Soon son, soon-ish… the reply. It’s for the bears now to play, she imaginarily adds.

One of them apparently had to cancel the dentist. Because they are so poor now, scrambling for food in the capital’s buzzing Friday. What misery, what despair.

Will it ever end? – we can hear their cry. Will this bear exuberance go on and on? Into spring itself! Will the bitcoin bear market be as ruthless as the previous two?

You remember the last one? Bitcoin’s price has never fallen below its previous all time high, they’d say, until it did, and then they all cried.

Or worse, 2011, when the bitcoin is dead meme was born, because it did nearly really die. It is there when two types of coders were born: the bitcoiners and the bitcoin haters.

Because in 2011 the coding community collectively reached a decision, even a conviction, that this thing doesn’t work because it can be hacked.

When bitcoin roared back to then dizzy highs of $266 in March 2013, those same coders then split into two. Those who could change their attitude based on changed facts, and those who found it easier to deny anything had changed.

We thus get individuals like¬†Paul Ford, who engages in such self-reflection that makes his writing almost unreadable. And, we admit, we couldn’t go far at all.

Because wrong we might be, but a man who was there at the dawn of the internet, yet finds it pleasurable to ridicule technological innovation, must be one of those 2011 coders that holds facts as religion. As malleable by their belief, rather than outside of their opinion.

He therefore dances today, yet his dance is not happy. For he most probably has grown through the years to admire the thing, yet so having built a box, he chooses to remain within it.

It has ever been thus. To make sense of what is, we use shortcuts, store them in some file, and then use the cache next time. Freeing us to do other things.

If this cache must change, there is so much else that must change with it, including perhaps fundamental principles, fundamental views. It can thus, for some, be much easier to deny anything has changed.

That is why man is mortal. His shape, not his components, for energy can never be created nor destroyed. But man, or the energy that takes the shape of a man, can never be immortal at scale, for he would grow to learn too much, with that learning building complexity upon complexity, denying a fresh new look, and thus creative dynamism.

There must have certainly been bureaucrats in Russia or elsewhere, when communism fell, denying it had done so. The papacy probably even now doesn’t accept the theory of evolution and there are some who genuinely hold that belief.

Yet we don’t have to be so abstract. Blockbuster never thought to update their cache, or Kodak, or Nokia. Even had they done so, the scale of the challenge would have been so immense, so great in complexity, so fundamental, it would have appeared incomprehensible to engage in it.

That is why we have seasons. Bright green leafs, dreamy snow, pleasure beach, beautiful autumn. Without it we’d probably become static, bored. If all was always going well, we’d start feeling dread, we’d start feeling like a bot on a routine, we’d have no room to learn, no room to feel the trillions of emotions.

So cry ethtraders, cry your heart out. Moan about why you must follow bitcoin when you have your own fiat pipelines, reinforce the doom with each other, become absolutely certain today will be forever, and forget tomorrow any of this happened, just like that.

And when you’re tired of it, when you’re bored of it, do let us know, so that we can update you on what you missed while you were crying in your little box.


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