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We Won The War, Let’s Build For Peace


The world is about to be transformed as the stars align for what promises to be a decennium mirabilis, with the G20 now in effect giving the green light to this space, while ministers start metaphorically waving the crypto-flag.

It is a dream we dreamt and it’s a dream that’s here. Some battles were lost, China chief amongst them, but we won the debate.

The British civil service saw the opportunities this space offers some time ago, but alone they stood. Then the Swiss came, the Estonians, Dubai, the Russians, now the French, and we think, finally, the civil service of America too.

Our space stands uniquely for its global perspective. Our technology built to be neutral by necessity. We can build bridges among people with the aim of ushering in renewed optimism.

Two decades lost is far too much. It’s time for peace once more to reign on our lands. It’s time for children to stop watching the news, and learn instead to code or play with blockchainized robots.

It’s time to break down those barriers that discriminate based on wealth, to tear down the guilds that keep us locked in falling wages, and instead offer capitalism to all, the engine of value creation to any man or woman of will and ability.

Ideas will no longer need gapekeepers to be funded, the people will fund them. For the network connects all, connects their resources, and through numbers gives strength.

With regulators now seeing what we see and how the keys to growth can so fully be unlocked, the coming twenties might roar indeed for this changing wind is just about in time.

Scalability has conceptually been solved. Temporary solutions are already out, such as Dappchains. Plasma may even launch later this year. But it will probably take until 2020 for it all to reach a good enough level.

At that stage and thereafter we’d probably be looking at mainstream adoption in usage, where the products built in the meantime become part of every-day.

With two years hardly a long time, now is when we build. We’ll probably upgrade the outdated stock market. Housing as an investment will no longer mean empty housing. You can drink your money of whisky tokens even now. We’ll disrupt the energy market. Tear down those monopolies.

We’ll bring shipping to this century. We’ll make cars “talk.” We’ll make machines “act.” We’ll make CEOs out of all through DAOs. We’ll reduce checkouts to one click. We’ll upgrade the web with smart contracts. We’ll upgrade our money, become bankers, each and all, ourselves loaning our savings, investing, for equity.

The greatest boom we might soon see as the digital revolution accelerates in speed. With man thus so extending intellect itself not by just freezing it in a book, but by further giving it a very primitive ability to act.

All this is in time for the wider automation where soon fridges might buy your dinner themselves. Because now we have been given the tools for a real knowledge economy, where the position of administrator might soon change from rudimental tasks to lateral thinking judgment calls.

With the bigger aim being to advance so far our civilization can expand to Mars, then our neighboring solar system, then the next galaxy, then to whatever those that follow us can dream.


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