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Ripple Donates $29 Million, Helps One Million Students, Funds 35,000 Teacher’s Projects


One million public school students across America will greet their excited teachers this morning who have some incredible news.

All 35,000 teachers’ projects requesting donations to cover a variety of needs, from school trips to pencils, have been fully funded by a $29 million donation from Ripple.

“I logged into my Donor’s Choose account and saw that my project was fully funded!!! Ripple is allowing my students to experience a week-long trip to Atlanta and Alabama to visit HBCUs. I can’t believe it. Thank you!! ” – a teacher says.

Another one broke into tears. I was losing hope, she said after adding: “I had just checked my DonorsChoose project this week and it was still not funded. Then, I got the email. I checked to make sure it wasn’t a hoax. And yeah, my project is funded. My kids will have Spanish books in their library.”

A pouring of gratitude covered some of twitter today, with teachers across the country expressing their thanks and their excitement.

Children are going to go see killer whales, get music instruments, classroom computers or other technology, art equipments, books. The dreams of many now a reality.

This has never happened in the 18-year long history of DonorsChoose, the non-profit platform for crowdfunding teachers’ projects said in a statement.

“The donation fulfilled 35,647 requests from 28,210 public school teachers in every state. Teachers at 16,561 public schools — or 1 in 6 of all the public schools in America — will receive books, school supplies, technology, field trips, and other resources vital for learning,” they say.

This is the biggest crypto donation ever, with the payment made in XRP and converted to USD to fund the projects.

“At Ripple, we care about giving back to our community and we collectively value the importance of quality education in developing the next generation of leaders,” said Monica Long, SVP of Marketing at Ripple.

A marketing stun, some will say, but we can imagine just how happy so many children and teachers will be today, with many of them getting vital books or equipments.


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