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Ethereum’s Trading Volumes Rise to 5,000 Lambos, Bitcoin Now Just 3% of a Full Lambo


Ethereum’s market cap has slightly fallen today to less than 200,000 lambos, according to Coinmarketcap.

While all bitcoins in circulation can buy you slightly less than three times that amount, at just 570,000 lambos.

We think however bitcoiners might be a bit out of luck because only around 3,000 lambos are produced a year.

If we assume that has remained the same for an entire century, ethereum might be able to just about make it, but the problem is Lambo was founded only in 1963.

It looks like, unfortunately, there’s only 165,000 lambos in the world according to our estimate. So let’s see who can make it:

Crypto market cap by lambos.

Ok, so Riplleonians can just about make it, but if they all rush out at onces they might considerably increase demand, so lambo prices could rise to $1 million, $10 million, or who knows, even a billion.

Nothing. If we compare lambos to gold, they have a limited supply, they have the same color, so just 10% of gold’s market cap and it could well happen.

But cashers might have a better chance. Their demand is only a third of the supply, so if they all rush at once… nope.

Well, Tether would definitely make it because they don’t even need to touch the real supply at all, they can just 3D print the lambos out of Hong Kong printing factories.

Poor Monero. Only 113 lambos changed hand in that land during the past 24 hours. Ethereans faired a bit better, 5k lambos, but bitcoiners are washed in gold buying and selling some 20,000 lambos as if nothing.

No cryptonian can even buy one lambo however it seems. They need to pool their resources together, and for ethereum 1,000 of them need to unite to get their hands on just one lambo.

Bitcoin is making some progress towards that parity, but still you need 35 of them to be sure of one lambo.

For Ripple you need a city, but with that many you can just seize the means of production. What? Wait, what we’re talking about? Who April fooled us!?


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