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Ethereum Tries the Straight Line, But Kids Keep Talking About Some “Moon”?


Who is this “Moon”? Ethereum has been moving in a very straight line for the past 9-10 days for the first time since anyone can remember.

While its trading volumes have fallen below one billion, again for the first time since history started being written.

Ethereum’s price on daily candles.

Apparently this longest straight-line somehow means there’s some support here, so bears now can’t do anything, while bulls are closely watching.

One such bull briefly went out of their hiding place yesterday to see bears had gone according to our super imaginative fantasy land.

When he brought back the news, other bulls started whispering, and in a corner somewhere, a group of bulls started chess-pumping.

The rest looked in puzzlement, but then word quickly spread. They then started beating the drums, singing songs and even dancing. We fear they are preparing for war.

Ethtrader bulls washed in gold.

Upon hearing the news from a bear spy the bear cave became divided. Some said they were too tired, others said they must make a stand for bearland. Their ranks however begun thinning, yet some patriots remain.

We need an army greater than Mars to take $300, one bear said. When bulls took it last century, do you remember how many they had? An endless stream of never end almost consumed even are cubybear reserves! The bear exclaimed.

If we strike now when they are weak and celebrating we’ll ruin their moral and they’ll go crying to daddy without one little fight, one bear said.

It’s not bulls we fear at this level, said one elder. It’s all those pigs that hog hog all our selling with no care nor manner. We can’t even take them here after 9 days! Let alone the bull army.

We must focus on preserving 420, another elder concluded. If that’s taken all is lost. We must prepare our barricades. I fear bull will march again. To arms, to arms, men!

Where our imagination takes us eh. Obviously all of the above is complete fiction and means not one thing. Price here can crash or moon, none of our business. But after nine days of peace, metaphorical war might be coming.


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  1. I think summer will be a good time for ether

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