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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to be Gifted an Entire Cryptocurrency For Their Wedding


The Queen might not know of this blockchain thing and Harry might not have any bitcoins, but the prince might become a little bit hip and down with his millennial generation by accepting an entire crypto as a wedding gift.

Well, a token. The Royal Coin. Ethereum based of course with some 50 million ROYL on sale hoping to raise 100,000 eth. That is, some $40 million.

Half of it is to go towards a royals focused Crown & Country Magazin which aims to launch a very special edition for the wedding.

While the other half suggests Prince Harry might have already given tacit approval by hand-picking his three chosen charities. The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) whitepaper says:

“We have confirmed with Kensington Palace that the charities nominated by Prince Harry to receive the donations raised from the Initial Coin Offering of the ROYL token should be:

(1) Sentebale

(2) The Invictus Games

(3) The Royal Foundation

We intend to split the donations equally between these charities and feel that the participation of people globally in this mass gesture of goodwill would send a powerful message of humanity and unity in celebration of the Royal Wedding.”

Yeah, but, does Harry blockchain though? That’s the question. And we can’t say we know the answer, but Shahar Namer, CEO of ICO Rocket which is seemingly powering the ROYL, says:

“The coin was born out of the goal of engaging people to be a part of the Royal Wedding in an entirely new and modern way, while supporting three good causes as a gift to the royal couple. It is a 2018 way to celebrate great British pageantry.”

Indeed, who can top a whole currency as a gift William? You better just buy him some nice socks because no point even trying.

And don’t even bother with thinking of giving him some eth, saying but this is real! Because, a whole currency!

Yet, we doubt Harry can top William’s gift to the people at his wedding. When everyone thought that was it, the couple stole many hearts by coming out in an open roof convertible.

So keeping an ancient tradition of the people’s royals, now with blockchains and stuff.


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