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What Say Thou, SEC?


Gold being digitized, algorithmic stable money, a people’s supercomputer, tokenized advertising, and this all merely the first ICOed projects that are now going live.

While sheiks discuss whether cryptos are compliant with the ancient laws of god, and our modern sheiks paint a broad brush, the technorati beats the drums:

Digix tokenized gold certificates.

Rare is beauty, and while a painted palm upon a rock was the beauty of our ancestors, the above historical document is ours.

For gold it turns into code in an alchemic transformation that melts the physical and digital, unnoticeably, without even much sound, transforming the world if one has but an imaginative mind to see how it does so.

Dai’s price action.

How can one not marvel at that utterly straight line which hides so much complexity to simply say: and thus, money.

And what is it, but a free market currency. Where a mere lowly start-up commands entire economies. What monsters, our children will say. You had no freedom in what money you use? They just faked it out of thin air and forced you to have no say?

The emancipation of man at the root here stands and the sheiks, modern or ancient, can say what they fancy in their little bubble lands.

Here, free money we are given not by advertisers or even subscribers, but the people. Across the globe, nations, genders, or any divisive label.

For whether they are code, a fridge, a human, or an alien man, our distinctions have no care in a rhapsody of pure innovative beauty.

Golem rendered image.

They told us there are scams, there are bad men outside, be scared, be terrified. We tell them to the cave with you, under the bed go and hide, shiver in your scary night.

For here, we aim not for the moon but for the sun. We look at what can be, not what can not. We hold that bright candle of optimism higher than your scary thought.

We revolt, peacefully, by code, against your sheiks, against your beige halls, against your proclamations or declarations. Against your narrow thoughts.

And in the process we provide beauty to the world wide, against the tide, building it, and in a blasphemous act telling all: and then there was light.


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