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BAT Brave Browser Passes Two Million Active Users


Brave Browser, a project by the co-founder of Mozilla which saw its BAT ICO sell out in seconds, announced today they have “surpassed 2 million monthly active users in March.”

They further announced they plan to issue more BAT grants out of the 300 million BAT User Growth Pool so that their “growing user base can reward more creators.” BAT says:

“Our recent awards and grants represent up to $3 million in BAT incentives, and more are planned.” That includes a referral incentive of around $5 per user.

On top of the monetary aspects, which aim to replace advertising with a tokenization model, Brave is also focused on increasing privacy while providing a faster browsing experience:

“Users are increasingly exasperated by the lack of online privacy caused by ads and trackers, as well as revenue models that plunder their data. Publishers and creators are seeing large portions of their revenue drained by ad-tech intermediaries, fraud, and arbitrary demonetization rules.

The BAT platform aims to reset this system by rewarding users and creators, and by driving up publisher revenue through reconnecting publishers and users (and soon advertisers), while respecting user privacy,” they say.

The project is still relatively new, with the ICO only last year when they raised around 14o,000 eth worth circa $36 million at the time.

They therefore plan to add many more additional functions, including an upgraded browser which will allow for Chrome features and extensions, as well as Tor tabs and an improved payments system.

Making this nascent project the first dapps success story proving in action the value and the opportunities of tokenization.

As a “simple” app aimed for the mainstream with all the convenience and speed, Brave may also “educate” more “passers-by” of the nature of tokens.

Thus facilitating a potential gradual transition to an internet of digital money, where many aspects can be made quicker and easier, including check-out payments.

With the BAT “wallet” so built into the browser, it could potentially communicate with websites. Newspaper subscriptions, therefore, could be made automatic as an example.

Which means this is just the beginning of a new internet as the millennial generation beats the optimistic drums of a brave new millennium.


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