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Golem Up 97%, OmiseGo Up 40%


What a morning for Golem (GNT) holders who woke up to more green than they’ve ever seen, doubled their paper money from 30 cent to 60 cent.

Its still some 50% from all-time high, but the token of half a billion in market cap appears to have gained a big boost.

Golem spikes.

The reason might be some return of confidence after Golem launched on ethereum’s mainnet, now making the decentralized supercomputer usable for both those that want to rent computing power and those that want to buy it.

GNT tokens perform a function in that aspect, so it may well be people are buying the tokens to pay for computing power, but it could also be just sentiment or increased awareness of the project.

OmiseGo (OMG) is another big winner. They have been announcing integration with other dapps almost daily. The latest being Loom Network of dappchains.

So nearly doubling its price too in recent days, from below $10 to around $17 on considerable volumes of $400 million, returning its market cap to $1.4 billion.

Thus rewarding faithful holders who kept on to the coin throughout the chaos that might now be gone.

OmiseGo (OMG) recent price action.

Pretty much everything else is up, with 20% the most common gains. A somewhat still timid bullish atmosphere is now in the air, with sentiment beginning to change.

The reason might be because all that investment in ethereum projects is now beginning to pay off, proving ICO skeptics to have been wrong, at least in part.

That’s after at least four such projects have now launched and are running live, performing certain services or functions.

With price taking into account what might be, as well as what is, the ecosystem may perhaps be expecting more such projects to launch this year.

A vibrant ecosystem therefore is taking root, revolving mainly around ethereum, as web3 begins developing from conceptualization to in production.


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