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Lead Ethereum, Ethereum Lead the Way


Finally, a nice Friday the 13th when we can talk whatever rubbish we like because unlike our corporate friends we’re free and independent.

So, what’s happening here? What’s all this green? How does GNT go up 100%, OMG doubles within days, eth up some 40% or whatever the math is?

Well, one word: synergy. Or as we have called it, the internet of dapps. After all that SEC barking and silly kids flipping in a party atmosphere that may put the roaring 20s to shame (but hopefully not the upcoming new roaring 20s), we now finally have something real, something concrete.

It’s not much, two million active users of Brave Browser is sort of one well read website. The Golem supercomputer has just launched, so we don’t know whether anyone will want to use it. Dai is beautiful in its straight line, but there’s quite a bit of work to get the reflexive brain shift from dollar to stablecoin. And finally DGX is inspiring, but they need a lot more volume. A lot more gold has to be tokenized.

Which is what makes it all so exciting, because if all these “kids” had already reached the Facebook stage we’d have them before clueless senators for a fake reprimand in their silly political football of left and right where real concerns are sort of just chess or bargaining pieces.

Many of this generation, of course, made Facebook what it is. We never liked its corporate blandness, but if we speak for the millennials many of them were at uni at the time and wanted to believe.

A new world was coming, and they new it. They’ve been obsessed with it since the first time they found the internet. They’ve been jumping and jumping, never satisfied. Now, what looks like potentially a real solution, what looks like a new paradigm, is here.

And although its nature is many things, there is one that potentially excites most. That is, it doesn’t even matter what this thing is, what matters is that it allows us, or gives us an excuse, to re-imagine the world, to re-design it, to re-fine it.

It allows us to in a way start a fresh, to break with previous thinking or the way things were previously done and to sort of upgrade everything, modernize it, bring it to this century.

Now there are some who say this should be done in a shock-way, in a clear break, but we heed the words of our fathers who say you do not throw away the only cup you have, old though it may be, but instead bring in a new one first, unless of course you want to drink by hand.

Which is why politicians, bankers, or really anyone, should not fear us, but should look up to us. For we are not French, we are British or British derived. We do glorious revolutions not reigns of terror.

Although that of course depends on whether our elders have become so def that they leave little choice. We think not, or at least hope not, at least in the free world. And we have a good basis for it, the global nature of this digital revolution means a checkmate in jurisdictional diversity.

So then, what are we doing? Well, the first aim is to bring back optimism. This generation has uniquely experienced that 90s blossoming air of liberty, when it looked like we were going to conquer Mars, the galaxies, the universe, all things.

Tragedy struck and many mistakes were made and two decades of decline followed with our baby boomers replaying their stupid reeee Russia.

To halt this decline and turn the trajectory into ambitious optimism, we have to hold up science. In this case it’s latest breakthrough, the blockchain, which mainly revolves around ethereum.

The blockchain has some problems and in due course they will be addressed but the main point of it is to allow one to dream.

To allow one to dream of a world where public spaces on the internet are a commons, like Times Square or Trafalgar Square, rather than a corporatized monstrosity.

To allow one to dream that Marx’s criticism of capitalism can be addressed by making all capitalists, the worker as well as the employer. By freeing them all to engage in value creation regardless of what the discriminatory and even barbaric Securities Act 1933 says.

To allow one to dream that money, as an abstraction, can be a scientific abstraction, a mathematical abstraction, that represents actual reality where two sets of apples make 4, not however much one wants them to make.

To allow one to dream that we can increase cooperation through a rule based blockchain system where facts are not up for question, and more than that, where “facts” can act and can change based on an automatic reflection of reality.

To allow one to dream that man, short though his time and selfish his mind, can be better, for he would like the utmost pleasure of achievement.

And the achievement here is a new world where we have so many computer programs (bots) that do so many things for us in an extension of the intellect itself.

For while previously science has mainly extended physical aspects, such as the speed of movement or the strength of lifting, the digital revolution now extends lateral thinking (in a very limited way).

So the fridge can order us milk. Our code money can be a company. The browser can pay us things. Our games can talk to each other. A company ownership, or a house, can be abstracted into a piece of digital land.

And though the SEC here tries to delay this explosion in innovation, history will judge them very badly. For the globe is the stage.

If we can but satisfy our cravings for newness, for a constant evolution towards betterness, it’s shape or form hardly matters as long as one keeps objective.

For in these sparks thus rise emotions of confidence and ambitions so changing the trajectory and our focus towards better in all ways.

They speak of war, yet we race for peace. So when you code in this unique time of existence, know you are responding to a very high calling.

The call of our geneses since history begins, that of human preservation by becoming always better and by even conquering the mighty sun.

To this generation this gift is blessed so we need not look to the 15th century explorers or the marvels of Marco Polo, nor to our children’s exploration of the sun.

But so that we look to our own marvels in deployment as man blasphemously becomes like god in the extension of the intellect itself through code given life by the blockchain, the ethereum blockchain.


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