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nChain Attempts to Silence Peter Rizun Over Craig Wright


A company founded by Craig Wright, or very much associated with him, has apparently been using project financing as a weapon of sorts to gain implicit complicity regarding the many claims of Wright.

At least that’s what Peter Rizun, elected Secretary of the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) Foundation, claims. And since nChain has not disputed it, we find no reason to doubt it at this stage.

“nChain informed BU – after I tweeted about [Craig Wright’s (CSW’s)] errors with respect to 0-conf security – that they would be winding down their funding of the Gigablock Testnet over the next three months,” Rizun says before further adding:

“Shortly after I tweeted proof of Craig Wright’s plagiarism, nChain informed us that they would be terminating the Gigablock agreement effective immediately. BU agreed to the termination and forgave the small (~$10k) balance owed to BU by nChain.

In total, nChain contributed $37,666.78 in cryptocurrency to the Gigablock Testnet. They made no in-kind contributions (engineering, technical writing, code review, or otherwise).

That they terminated the agreement did not come as a surprise. Since the agreement began last summer, each tweet, reddit comment, or forum post I made that pointed out an error in CSW’s work, or critiqued him in some other way, was met with a response in private from nChain.

By this winter they had made it explicitly clear that I was not to question CSW’s ideas, point out errors in his work, or publicly critique him in any way, or they would pull the funding for the Gigablock project.”

Peter Rizun was secretary of a Bitcoin Cash minority client called Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) when this Gigablock collaboration was provisionally agreed and he announced it. A vote was held, some voted against, but it seemingly overall passed.

This was around the time Bitcoin Cash was forking, so everyone was a lot more focused on other things. It’s not clear therefore whether this collaboration had much discussion prior to the vote or even prior to the provisional decision, but Rizun makes a revealing point:

“A very serious problem however is that nChain is funding many of the projects these people are working on. The people working on them are conflicted like I was: do they speak their minds? Or do they bite their tongue, look the other way, and keep working on what they believe will help grow BCH. It’s a difficult decision to make.”

That suggests a complex web of monetary incentives circling around Bitcoin Unlimited, and thus by association Bitcoin Cash, with Craig Wright pulling the strings in some way. But those “puppets” are willingly participating.

Take this Gigablock Testnet. The point of it? Bitcoin Cash barely has enough demand for 1MB, what could a 1 GB testnet be but an utter distraction? The fundamental premise of Bitcoin Cash is Moore’s law of technological advancements. A gigablocks testnet, when even 1MB of demand is not there, is not even academic, it’s an utter joke.

If you want to be academic to make some point you just do some maths. Nakamoto provided it as far back as 2008 in about two paragraphs without needing a testnet. So what was the point of it?

And the point we are making, and we have to make, is that it isn’t Wright here who appears to be the problem but the failure of leadership in BU specifically and in Bitcoin Cash more generally as far as it pertains to the matter of Wright.

We have to qualify that with stating Bitcoin ABC, the main Bitcoin Cash client, appears to be clear of it. Of course there is some overlap between participants in the two, but it does appear to be mainly BU, and some BU participants/supporter if we use those words very loosely, who have, at least previously, found it convenient to place themselves in a situation where they even have to wonder whether “they speak their minds?”

And you can perhaps say we are being harsh, but someone has to. Rizun should be commended for eventually speaking out, but that’s the bear minimum considering this collaboration with nChain had pretty foreseeable end results, as we are now seeing.

The collaboration gave legitimacy to a man who deserves none, it did so for no reason, and now has created a situation where Bitcoin Cash is basically torn apart, at least in appearance.

So if we are to be a court here, as we must, then Rizun should firstly explain fully how and why he, as a secretary of BU, decided to recommend the nChain partnership. He also, in our view, should apologize for it.

Then, Roger Ver needs to explain what exactly is going on. Let’s have a premise, and this premise is complete speculation, but if we are going to untangle this web in a minority client of a minority chain then we don’t have much option but to rationally speculate. So let our speculation be to ask whether BU’s sort of partnership with nChain influenced Ver’s decisions?

Ver, of course, is not a coder. He is a passionate believer and fairly intelligent, but he has to use proxies in areas of non-expertise, you’d think. So in a situation here where you have Rizun signing a partnership with nChain (and if no such partnership was signed then it’s meant metaphorically), what do you think a person in Ver’s position would think?

What we would say to Ver, as far as intellect is concerned, is that you have the indisputable writings of Nakamoto himself. And even those, you don’t need, because a $50,000 cost for running a node is nothing when you consider a world running on the blockchain and its many stupendous efficiencies.

So when it comes to Wright, you definitely don’t need him as far as message is concerned. The opposite in fact, he very much detracts from that message in the mind of anyone of fair intelligence who, like most, doesn’t have much time.

But when it comes to this apparent web of money revolving around Wright, as Rizun seems to suggest, then there unfortunately we have no easy solution to untangle the web.

Rizun’s action is however the first step in the right direction, but at this stage there appears to be a ripple effect. Yet it can be contained, but for that Ver needs to make a stand.

Now we understand some might feel ill done, but when Vitalik Buterin loses it and calls you a fraud in public, to say nothing of the torrent of evidence, then it may well be Faust should have never been courted to begin with, and certainly should not continue to be courted.

Let it be a lesson, for all public blockchains, but regarding the present and the situation at hand, it is quite simply the case, whether one wants it or not, that anyone associated will accordingly be judged, especially if they are aware of the criticisms.

Because we do forgive the Deconomy organizers for we assume they did not have the full picture, but it becomes harder and harder to forgive anyone who in any way continues to be associated with the man who claims he owns the proof of solvency MT Gox coins, and that includes Roger Ver, and that includes some seemingly legit BU supporters, and that really includes everyone.

And if we are wrong, and we don’t fully discount the possibility just as we don’t discount the possibility the sun could fall, then blame the circumstances. For if we are to be a court and look at this impartially as best as we can do, then cruel as it may be, what gain is Wright as a Bitcoin Cash figure?

What gain is an individual who is called a fraud by Vitalik Buterin who is known to be quite open to the Bitcoin Cash way. What gain is a man who claims gox’s proof of solvency coins are actually his own? What gain is a man who everyone of technical knowledge says he speaks not what he knows?

None, Roger Ver, none. End this association. Not that anyone cares otherwise, you’d just make a fool of yourself.


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