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Team 232 Announces Operation Permanent Shitposting on Ethereum’s Blockchain


A pair of, we think kids, developers (well probably scripties) who call themselves Team Just (but we think team 232 sounds cooler) have announced they’ve “deployed a contract in a move we like to call OPERATION-PERMANENT-SHITPOSTING.”

Oh, noooo, not the memes, whatamigonedo! Muh eth don’t belieb in team 232. So I go ok, I take the memes, I put them on the table, now you belieb?

Njet, still no belieb cus silly trik not even leet.

“* -> What?
* [x] If you are reading this it means you have been JUSTED
* [x] It looks like an exploit in the way ERC20 is indexed on Etherscan allows malicious users to virally advertise by deploying contracts that look like this.
* [x] You pretty much own this token forever, with nothing you can do about it until we pull the UNJUST() function.
* [x] Just try to transfer it away, we dare you!
* [x] It’s kinda like shitposting on the blockchain
* [x] Pls fix Papa Vitalik
* [x] Also we love your shirts.
* Also we’re required to virally advertise.
* Sorry its a requirement
* You understand.”

Here at least they describe it correctly to say an exploit in Etherscan’s interface allows you to see you have 232 Just Tokens. You don’t really, but the interface says so. It specifically says you have¬†“JUST” tokens.

Anyone with too much time and little care of a productive use of it can likewise send a smart contract to ethereum that makes etherscan say you have 1337 “just” tokens, or whatever you want to advertise.

“We’re pretty sure everyone’s going to be extremely mad, ask how the beep we did it, and then clone it and EVERYONE’S WALLETS WILL BE FULL OF SHITCOIN ADVERTISEMENTS. We’re sorry, it’s probably worth it,” they say.

So etherscan devs will be a little bit busy starting with coding a function to ignore this smart contract, and then perhaps try to automate ignoring all likewise contracts.

Now they say “we’re just permanently shitposting on the blockchain and in everyone’s ethereum wallet for your benefit,” but all this has nothing to do with eth or the blockchain (well, kind of), it’s just in etherscan’s UI interface.

“What they have written anyone who went through the first few lessons of cryptozombies could make,” a non script kiddie says.

“Read the contract, its no big deal it just returns 232 for any balance of address its asked about and if you try to transfer this balance to another address it adds 1 to that number,” the same non-script kiddie says.

It’s actually quite interesting, and sort of shows in a very simple way how dapps or smart contracts could “talk” to each other and in the process potentially create an internet of dapps.

Although in this case it isn’t “talking” to another smart contract but to etherscan blockchain explorer and we’d think any other explorer.

So, it’s a trick. No tokens are actually moving. There are no tokens. It’s just telling the explorer for any address to show the number 232 and Just token and currently etherscan is doing so for around 1 million addresses.

Although they do mention a website, they do not appear to be advertising anything real as the website seems to be more of just a meme filled space and a fairly cool parody of sorts.

There appears to be only one real script kiddie developer, Mantso, with the rest sort of puns as stated in their other smart contract of a parody 3d blockchain:

“* -> Who worked on this project?
* – PonziBot (math/memes/main site/master)
* – Mantso (lead solidity dev/lead web3 dev)
* – swagg (concept design/feedback/management)
* – Anonymous#1 (main site/web3/test cases)
* – Anonymous#2 (math formulae/whitepaper)
* -> Who has audited & approved the projected:
* – Arc
* – tocisck
* – sumpunk.”

We couldn’t find much about Mantso because we’re not leet googlers, but he, or maybe a team, is sort of making fun of scam projects or silly ICOs and so on.

He, or they, appear to be fairly smart, or fairly stupid, your pick, and we couldn’t find any obvious sign that they’re perhaps a Bitcoin Core supporter out to get eth or a hater in some way.

He says he likes Vitalik’s shirts so maybe they’re even an eth fan, although who doesn’t like Vitalik’s shirts? That’s just not possible hater or not.

Anyway, enough memes for a Sunday morning. And just as a disclaimer all of the above is meant in complete jest, we no really think you a scriptie, so pls no hax us.


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