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Press Release: Miracle Tele, the First Blockchain Powered Mobile Operator, Launched This Week


APRIL 2018 — PRAGUE, THE CZECH REPUBLIC. Miracle Tele, the world’s first blockchain powered mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) whose services are available in 213 countries, has officially launched this week.

The company enters crypto market with a distinctive offer that features high-quality international call and browsing services in one SIM card, protection of its customers’ privacy rights, and creation of a proprietary utility token named TELE that allows its members receive biweekly token holder rewards.

The idea behind fusing a MVN operator with blockchain technology emerged due to the extreme monopolisation of the market of conventional telecom operators, which makes it almost impossible for a small company to enter it and therefore forces the end user to put up with tricky rates, unknown quality, and lack of privacy.

“We analyzed the blockchain MVN market, understood that there is literally zero competition, and decided to seize the opportunity,” says Andrew Burchik, Miracle Tele’s founder.

And though there are other similar companies that expressed their plans to launch this year, Miracle Tele already has signed contracts with dozens of quality local operators and does not depend on the token sale because of the diversification of its services and private investments.

The MVNO model that the company is based on lets it minimize the infrastructure and branding costs and this way provide its customers with the lowest rates and highest service quality.

By diversifying its services and offering the users to choose either to use its telecom services as if it was a common mobile operator or tokenize their assets and purchase mobile plans using TELE tokens, Miracle Tele protects itself from risks of closure as it usually happens with 90% of crypto projects who go for ICO but then disappear in less than a year because of technical inefficiency, misappropriation of funds, or lack of interest to their projects.

Apart from dealing with high rates and bureaucracy—the most common problems of giant telecom operators—Miracle Tele also fosters the customer’s right for privacy through the use of blockchain.

Since Miracle Tele is an MVN operator, the customers do not need to disclose their private information and upload their IDs in order to use the telecom services whilst all transactions within the system are secured by smart contracts.

Usage of Ethereum blockchain also let the company introduce biweekly token holder rewards for those customers who prefer to store TELE tokens on their ERC20 wallets and receive a stake in the amount of 40% of the company’s net profits divided between all token holders.

“We know that the potential for SMEs and blockchain in the telecom industry is huge. Just imagine that in 2016 there were 4.6 bln mobile phone users and 1.2 bln international tourists. Let’s say that a third of them, or 1 billion people, are not happy with the value for money ratio of their mobile and roaming operators. This is our prospective market share,” sums up Andrew Burchik.

The company’s team members believe that it’s not only extreme monopolisation of the market that prevents small mobile operators from growing popular, but lack of innovation too.

The technology that Miracle Tele’s development team is particularly interested in is the Internet of Things (IoT), which can be used together with AI algorithms in order to extend the range of use cases of the company’s services by incorporating them into home and building automation systems.

“We want to be something more than an MVNO that provides cheap calls and traffic but also make everyone’s life easier and more comfortable thanks to the use of new technologies,” said Roman Golod, the company’s Head of Development.

Apart from integrating its telecom services into IoT ecosystems, by 2020 Miracle Tele is planning to reach at least 100,000 active customers and start introducing new blockchain based telco tools like a proprietary wallet, prepaid debit cards, and more.


Token ticker: TELE

Founder: Andrew Burchik

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jason stockley
December 15, 2018 2:41 pm

MiracleTele is a scam

I was scammed .02 BTC and then kicked out of their telegram chat room for bringing it up.
They wanted to silence my issues so they can get more sales.

I was scammed and then kicked from their chat.

I do NOT recommend investing here unless you want to lose your money.

Anthony Phillips
August 13, 2019 1:12 pm
Reply to  jason stockley

U gave your money to scammers dude, I invested in buying teles and I got my stack rewards too, whosoever that want to invest should to the site only and not go through scammers link or chatting with scammers that claims to be admin