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Vitalik Buterin Selected For The “Genius Award”


It’s official. Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, is to be given the 2018 Genius Award by The Liberty Science Center, described by EY as one of the world’s leading centers of technology and science.

Joining three other 2018 Genius Award recipients, Buterin is to be honored at a creative black-tie gala at the Center in Jersey City, NJ on Friday, May 11.

More than 700 industry leaders are expected, representing a “Who’s Who” of industry titans for the New York area, with options for table sponsorship ranging from $12,500 to $100,000.

“Our 2018 Genius Award winners are four visionary women and men of science, ages 24 to 63, who are busting paradigms,” LSC President and CEO Paul Hoffman said before adding:

“Each personifies what it means to be a genius; each is using his or her exceptional intellectual and creative abilities to disrupt and innovate both in their respective fields and for the betterment of humanity.”

Buterin’s portrait will be added to LSC’s Genius Gallery, a permanent, interactive display at Liberty Science Center. As will Sara Seager, described as the “Indiana Jones of Astronomy;” Laurie Santos, renowned for teaching the “Science of Happiness;” and George Church, described as a “legendary genomics pioneer.”

All four are to be displayed in the gallery alongside previous Genius Award winners, which includes, among others, Jeff Bezos.

The 2018 Genius Award Honorees.

Vitalik Buterin is a child prodigy who was placed into a class for gifted children while in grade three of elementary school in Canada. He also had the ability to add three-digit numbers in his head at twice the speed of his peers.

He is most know for inventing ethereum, which extends blockchain’s capabilities through codable smart contracts on a Turing complete network.

This is the highest award anyone has received in this space as far as we are aware, with funds from the gala assisting in LSC’s science education programs delivered to 91,000 “at-risk” children annually across the New Jersey/New York region. On that subject of education, this is what Buterin previously had to say:

“Education is ultimately much more than simply memorizing individual facts, or even learning individual concepts. [What] matters most: learning how to think, learning how to reason and learning how to learn.”


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