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Space Mining Bitcoin, Academics on the Blockchain, Bitfury, Alibaba, And More on News of News


“A helium-filled balloon was used to lift the Space Minor One capsule to this great height. When the capsule passed through the troposphere — roughly 3.7 to 6.2 miles above earth — the ASIC activated and the satellite phone was used to communicate with the internet.

The balloon continued to grow — reaching over 10 meters in diameters at its largest — as it ascended to the stratosphere due to falling air pressure.”

With too many bitcoin mining farms here on earth, space is always an option. We joke of course, anything for a jab at Elon Musk.

“Peerwith is an online peer-to-peer marketplace for scientists and researchers. It describes itself as Uber for academics. It’s goal is to simplify the process for academics, researchers, editors, writers and translators to find and work with each other. It has managed to attract a number of universities and publishers to its plans and is now embarking on the next phase.”

A gimmick, perhaps, but academia needs a serious shaking, especially the peer reviewed article publishing aspect. We don’t often flatter ourselves, but our fine news is often free and just $3 a month for yearly subscription for regular readers.

Yet an article journal, which has almost no cost in digital aspects because the academics write it and the academics review it for free, still somehow costs $20 per article.

Monopoly. And to disrupt such monopoly one does not really need much more than a gimmick, an excuse. Furnished with fine execution, it could very well work.

BitFury, one of bitcoin’s mining farm, is out again promoting a little known emercoin blockchain (in which they have VC invested). A blockchain which to us appear to be of little “intellectual” interest.

Apparently this time they’re in partnership with some insurance companies, with the blockchain solution somehow speeding up “a response to mass casualties.”

Yes, the blockchain will get legs and go rescue them. Terriblenodes! What? It’s our safe space here, no defamation law applies, we free to say all things (we wish, not that we’d ever be irresponsible).

Alibaba is kind of sad today. This is sort of a big story actually (for some outlets), as a US judge has apparently “rejected Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd’s bid for a preliminary injunction to block the Dubai cryptocurrency firm Alibabacoin Foundation from using the Alibaba name.”

The judge effectively said Alibabacoin is in US while Alibaba is in China so there is no confusion there, or as reuters reports:

“The judge said it did not matter that Alibabacoin might eventually list its cryptocurrency on U.S. exchanges or that a New York company hosted one of its websites.

He also said any injury Alibaba might have suffered to its business, goodwill and reputation from alleged trademark infringement likely occurred in China, where the e-commerce retailer is based.”

US judges, a bit like dices, can never guess where they land. But we can probably well guess where SEC will land, at the bankers’ bidding of course.

Bitcoin logo projected on the Swiss National Bank (Central Bank), April 2018.

With all that said, we promise we will get to press releases, but not today. Until next time, enjoy the sideways.



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