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Award Winning Graphics Firm Behind Westworld’s Opening, Advised by Google’s Eric Schmidt, to ICO


“We are on the cusp of a technological transformation of our very view of reality, affecting everything from computation to physics.”

So grandly opens a whitepaper of Render Token brought to the world by Otoy, which describes itself as Academy Award®-winning.

The only token to have Eric Schmidt as advisor of its parent company, Render says Brendan Eich, of Brave Browser and co-founder of Mozila, is on their advisory team too.

“We have exclusivity on a $30m allocation for a private sale round,” BnkToTheFuture, an online investment platform, says.

They say Autodesk, Disney, Netflix, Discovery, HBO, Samsung and more are amongst their customers. Perhaps even more interestingly, Otoy always wanted to have a token.

They apparently patented a ‘token-based billing model for server-side rendering” in 2009. Something which back then would have been far too complex, but with ethereum, upon which it is based, it is now far too simple.

Golem, but with a stellar clientele. That’s our five words faster than an elevator description of Render Token.

The two projects are pretty much identical, but render claims to have around 7 million users on Otoy’s ORC Network. They further say:

“Rather than charging customers to render through OTOY’s cloud or process the jobs in OTOY data centers or external data centers, OTOY aims to provide a peer-to-peer ecosystem for rendering.”

That means anyone with some spare GPU power can tap into the network and sell it. Proof of Rendering they call it, in jest or to be cute.

Instead of “miners” solving pointless calculations, they rather render images for anyone who wants it. The market here is quite colorfully described:

“Architects rely on accurate renderings in their 3D modeling software to create builds of their projects that display textures, lighting, and minute details. Surgeons rely on high-quality renders of organ scans to accurately diagnose and treat their patients.

As virtual reality becomes more widely-used, program developers and computer engineers can leverage the power of real-time rendering to create dynamic environments for their users.

Examples abound, from virtual blueprints for a new apartment complex to interactive virtual office meetings, to watching sporting events from the sidelines while sitting comfortably in your own home.”

They could have just said Westworld, but that would have perhaps been too easy. Just as easy as, presumably, the technical implementation through ethereum’s smart contracts and its incorporation within their current system.

Or indeed just as easy as shutting everyone out of this pre-sale thanks to America’s discriminatory investment laws which have limited Render to offer this quite interesting opportunity only to the rich, to the banks, and to “accredited investors.”

But even in this environment, the caravan moves on. As it must, for the opening words of the whitepaper are not wrong. Disruption is on. Keep up, or keep being left behind, that’s the story of our time.



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