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Global Crypto Market Cap Nears Half a Trillion


The combined market cap of all digital currencies now stands at nearly $470 billion, just a hairbreadth away from half a trillion. That being around 0.5% of the global stocks market cap at ~$100 trillion.

Trading volumes have also risen to maintain a level above $25 billion, at times rising above $30 billion, led by former Chinese Okex at $2.5 billion, crypto-only Binance at $2.2 billion, former Chinese Huobi at the same level and then South Korea’s Upbit at $1.7 billion.

Global crypto market cap, May 5 2018.

Within cryptos, market-share is very much in flux. Eth has made some considerable gains, rising from around 9% in December, to now 17%. While bitcoin has fallen to 36%.

Bitcoin cash has seen some price rise, and thus market-share, but it remains below Ripple which currently stands at 7.7%.

Cryptos market share, May 2018.

Green, is the story of the day. Most are up, 5%, 10% or more. And it appears the little ones are not dancing very much, for the big boys ala eth and Bitcoin Cash are leading.

Bitcoin Cash in particular has risen to $1,700 today, up some $200, in anticipation of their hardfork upgrade on May 15th.

Eth, of course, has its buidl conference, Edcon. A very unique conference, by coders and for coders for the most part. No subjective abstract talk (for the most part), but code, code and so much code.

Top cryptos, May 5, 2018.

No real surprises here. EOS is seemingly keeping their gains for now. Tron is still relevant. No blockchain yet Cardano keeps seventh position. While little boy litecoin has seemingly woken up.

Grandpa bitcoin is still very much grandpa. Eth v BCH really seems to be the story. Quite a strange pairing if angled in competition, but makes a lot of sense if seen as two bros rising up.

Spring will soon give way to summer, and a crypto boom during summer has not really been seen before. Will it be seen this time? Perhaps.

Eth begun its bull run far too late. It usually starts in February. This time it begun in April. It usually lasts until May. This time it has not really even warmed up in May.

If the past rhymes thus, we might see a peak in this round when the sun itself peaks, around mid-July. But if such things were so easy we’d be swimming in Maldives right now. Or, at the very least, we’d be reporting from the beach.



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