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Badgers Sneks


It has been quite a long time since we’ve seen an actual genius. So much so that the baby boomers, or our parents now very much grandparents for many, have none in their ranks.

A very overused word genius is, which can’t really be defined and has been so watered down as to mean someone very smart.

But geniuses are not necessarily just smart. Their unique quality is to see what we can’t see. And they can see it because they can think outside of the box, another overused expression.

Yet try and think outside of the box. And not in a speculative, subjective, manner. Because the unique quality geniuses have is that once they express themselves the statement is so obvious you wonder why on earth did you not think of it.

To look at the blockchain now, how all of it is put together, Adam Back scoffed it’s just hashcash with inflation control. Peter Todd said he could have invented it.

He couldn’t, of course. He is smart we have no doubt, but smart and genius are two completely different things. Smart has a ceiling. Genius has a perspective.

It is rare we have seen Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, so excited about something. Impulsive you’d think that slap might have been. Their arms spread our far too early.

And the man who plays with grass could dance. A message, you would think, not to really anyone but to the ether itself.

Nakamoto left, of course. So were the times. Although whether he did actually leave, who is to know. Buterin has the privilege of being second, after others trailed that path.

Humans, such frail things. A little whole in the pavement, without their brain knowing, and down they go. Then just as quickly up, as if nothing happened, but not before giving us that beautiful image above.

If there is a point to make, we have none, but marvel, pleasure in fact. For there has been no conference like it, not in a very long time.

Our words fail us terribly, especially as we must guard them carefully, but we know beauty when we see beauty, and here there is so much of it.

And though the conference attracts no emotion, but pure curiosity and so much knowledge, we’d be failing our pen if we did not raise the spirit of men.

For the world stands at a crossroad. A very rare moment in fact, a spring indeed. With Arabia perhaps sorted, Korea at peace, it stands to a unique generation to lift the spirits.

For soon we will run countries. Already in junior or mid positions in every single industry indeed. Including the civil service, including banking, including Politburo itself.

The millennials are now probably the biggest voting block. They say they did not vote for Trump, or they are apathetic. We disagree. We think Trump won only because of the millennials.

And yet, that big question, is it time that raises a man or is it a man that raises times, can be rephrased to when the blockchain came, it found us.

The autists, the dyslexics, the mischiefs, the retarded, the utter smart, the opportunist kind, the petty tribalists, the liberating artists.

What Nakamoto has created, what Buterin has extended, is a checkmate. Mere words, in code, mere formulas, that can do things.

Chine has tried to ban it, but does a badger care about a snek? India too, and yet in both it is as if they have not.

Because they stand outside. That’s why Nakamoto is a genius. That’s why Buterin is so keen to have a badger dance.

It is a watershed moment of potentially epic proportions. And plenty are keen to see an us and them, but there is no us and them, that’s the checkmate.

The sons and daughters of the ruling elite probably identify with this space more than otherwise. They may speak what they speak, but little can replace meaning. And what else gives them meaning? What else gives them hope? What else fulfills their souls?



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