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Ethereum Meetups Reaches Nearly One Million Members


Some 930,000 individuals are interested in getting together to talk about ethereum with meetups groups spanning the globe now rising to more than 3,500.

Ethereum meetups members, May 2018.

London and New York lead in members, with around 7,000 each. Singapore is up there too, with 6,400 members, as is Silicon Valley with some 4,500 members.

South Korea’s Seoul has quite a bit of activity as well, with 4,600 members, while San Francisco has nearly as much members, but this time for the ethereum devs meetup.

Cryptocurrencies and bitcoin both have more members than eth, at around 1.3 million each, but while bitcoin is nearly a decade old ethereum is just about three.

The nature of these metups can vary. In small communities it can be just a dinner meetup or a pub chat, some meetups can be very much hands on code, while some others aren’t much different than a small conference.

London is one of the latter. They had Vitalik Buterin in 2016. They had Nick Johnson, an ethereum dev, in 2017, and generally they have interesting presentations.

Ethereum Meetups map May 2018.

The rate of growth is quite impressive and suggests that if those who have signed up are around 1% of all ethereans, then there may be some 100 million ethereum users.

That estimate might be at the high end, but ethereum currently processes around 1 million transactions a day, with trading volumes standing at around $4 billion.

A considerable global community therefore has seemingly formed in a very short time as the invention of smart contracts inspires a new generation due to its endless opportunities.

That has created an ecosystem of more than 1,200 dapps, with 53% of all eth transactions, that being some 500,000 a day, going to or coming from smart contract dapps.

That suggests considerable use of ethereum’s platform and the many projects that run on top of it even while capacity remains somewhat limited as coders implement scalability solutions like sharding, plasma, casper and so on.

Once such solutions go out, some within months, others optimistically next year, then the platform will finally be able to meet considerable demand with the capability of handling 1,000 transactions a second, or 100 million a day, and potentially much more.

At which point the number of dapps might grow exponential as the new technology begins to slowly transform the world.



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