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The Blockchain Art Ethereal Summit to Begin


“Tomorrow, thousands from across the Ethereum community––programmers, philosophers, policymakers, artists, humanitarians––will converge at the Knockdown Center in New York City for our Ethereal Summit.”

So says ConsenSys in a packed newsletter that has us wondering how on earth are we going to manage covering all this space.

Yet, for Ethereal we always have time. They’re our favorite conference of 2017, hands down. This year, the competition is a lot more intense.

Edcon was… not just impressive, but a turning point. Seeing all those builders talk about what they’re building makes it all so concrete, a significant shift from previous events.

Consensus will then follow, and if past years are any indication that will be a lot more… just talking. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, ying and yang sort of stuff, but just shows the contrast.

In eth they so busy racing, they have no times for little chats. While in bitcoin they so busy courting Wall Street and bankers, they have little time about anything but little chats.

Ah glorious revolution 3.0, twist and turns, the kind brits like. No French here in sight, but, ethereal takes those talkers, takes those builders, and then gives us art.

Come here kitty, kitty. Mwah. Too cute. Stahp breaking muh heart!

That’s a far too cute little thing that Cryptokitties have gifted to Codex, which will hold a tokenized art auction during Ethereal with the proceeds of sale going to a foundation established to support creatives working at the intersection of blockchain technology and art.

Beyond that they will have some more cool works, but what they are we’ll have to wait and see. Just as we’ll have to wait about this maker space.

What’s that? Duno, floating space objects or soming. We going to Mars? Pff, Mars old mate, Andromeda incoming.

You know maker, right? That’s a different, although kind of connected, movement, where kids build hardware things to like show off. Sort of like the burning men stuff, but cooler (heretic, burn him! Ok, ok, not cooler, but, more, ok fine, similar.)

Now what else they have in store we don’t know. There’s a tiny risk here, and we have to say it, there’s a tiny risk here of treating art as a subjective thing.

On that point Deepak Chopra seems to have been disinvited, he is not on the speakers list, but it is always tempting, because it is easier, it is always tempting to just…

Art looks subjective, but it is actually quite objective. Art is a way of condensing very complex thoughts into a more direct communication medium than many words.

Another aspect of art is to make tools or things look beautiful. And the most important aspect of art is to inspire, to lift the spirit, to make man (or woman but that has man in it so general for conciseness) adore the very fact he is alive.

And that beauty was very much in display during 2017. We look forward with anticipation to enjoy the show of 2018.



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