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Coinbase Now Has 137 Open Positions


Coinbase is not just on a buying spree, but also on a hiring spree. The crypto-giant, which has been buying a number of businesses recently as it continues to consolidate its position, currently has some 137 job openings.

Besides four open positions for Business Analytics and around seven positions for customer support, they show what feels like an endless list of roles for what they call engineering, otherwise said: coders.

We count 42 positions under the headline of Engineering, but we suspect they wanted to make some joke about 42 because 20 more roles have the engineering title. Making it a total of 62 coders.

The rest are HR, sales, one for compliance in Tokyo, and other supportive business positions. Showing somewhat clearly Coinbase sees itself as a tech company first and foremost.

But there is a significant shortage of blockchain related coding talent currently and many companies – from start-ups, ICO-ed projects, more established businesses, global brands, and others – all are trying to recruit to facilitate further growth at around the same time.

Which may be partly why Coinbase has simply gone out window shopping and sometimes has been tempted to buy out companies for undisclosed amounts, so bypassing the recruiting process and in some cases bypassing the licensing application process.

That all is making the seven year old company one of the biggest success story to come out of Silicon Valley. They’re now a unicorn with stars, valued at some $8 billion, making some very lucky VCs very rich indeed.

But there has been no exit yet. That may be in an Initial Coin Offering (IPO) which might take place this year, unless they plan to go for another VC round to fund their considerable expansion.

They’re now going into the tokens market, both with plans to list ERC20 coins on Coinbase and with the purchase of a tokens exchange. They’re targeting investors with an OTC “table” to probably be opened. They may soon offer margins, attracting a lot more traders. Their Toshi app might even have a Coinbase Pay in mind, similar to WeChat Pay which has dominated China.

They of course have Coinbase Commerce with some 50,000 merchants which can accept ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash and litecoin. They’ve now acquired an investment management firm, perhaps to advise wealthy individuals interested in crypto investments. And they’ve acquired a firm that specializes in fundraising, perhaps to facilitate regulated ICOs.

Making Brian Armstrong the most successful businessman to come out of this space. A young one back when it all started. A millennial in all ways. Few have done more for this space besides Nakamoto and Buterin.

Where Coinbase is going few can say, but their tower is growing taller and taller. May they always remember where they came from, and may they remember their aims for where they are going.



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  1. Except there hiring is about as bad as their customer support. It’s impossible for a talented dev to even get a call or email response on 3+applications

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