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EOS to Launch on Sunday After Block Producers Unanimously Vote Go


The EOS launch is now finally just hours away after block producer supernodes candidates unanimously voted to release the blockchain at 1PM UTC.

But the chain has not released yet at the time of publishing. That may have been partly due to a bug found and fixed around 1PM UTC.

Roshan, from EOS Authority, said earlier today that the “community found and fixed an issue. However, Dan suggested another fix which will be rolled out soon.”

That’s apparently not delaying the launch, with Rohan, also from EOSauthority, stating “this bug does not delay anything luckily,” but it did “affected testing progress somewhat.” Representatives from EOSauthority further said, and we quote at some length:

“We will be reviewing what is left to do and if the appointed Block Producer (selected Randomly) to boot things is doing everything right..

There was a bug earlier today (not on the core EOS software) so that affected testing progress somewhat.

There is randomly selected BP who is booting things up, known only to few people all. All communications to this BP being routed through the small number of people.

They have to open peering connection with everyone else..

Call going on. Great progress with meshing, more of the BPs are now getting blocks after interconnecting with each other.

The BPs need to design how & when to open up this chain.. The blocks are flowing between BPs.. The blocks however don’t have any transactions on it yet.. As the blocks are flowing, it allows BPs to validate the actual system..

The chain will only be public after the BPs agree to create an actual end point and open it up to the public.. It will be a web based end point, it could be to any one of the BPs or load balanced between them all..

The plan now: Get more BPs meshed and open up transactions on Sunday after the 1300 call.

The mainnet blocks are flowing between BPs and they have all connected to each other. All look positive for voting to start tomorrow as planned.”

These calls are private. We asked to be invited as an observer, without much success. As the call will be held on June the 10th at 1PM UTC – which translates to early morning in America, mid-day in Europe, late afternoon in Asia – that means the chain will be launched soon after.

That’s of course presuming all the final testing and validation goes fine and no further last minute bugs are found to delay the process, but after more than a week now, it does look like the launch is imminent.

It is unclear whether there will be any livestream, but the eosportal should show a new chain once it launches, and the EOS block explorer should start moving.

Once it launches, then there will be a voting period when at least 15% of all tokens need to vote for at least one Block Producer supernode. It is only after that voting is done that EOS has then fully launched and is completely operational.

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