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Cryptos Slightly Up Following Trump and Kim “Prelude to Peace” in Korea


Bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, and much of everything else, is slightly up today following a meeting in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un who called the historic shaking of hands a “prelude to peace.”

The two agreed in a joint statement to “the promotion of peace, prosperity, and security of the Korean Peninsula and of the world.”

North Korea, on its part, “commits to work towards complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,” with suggestions they had already begun doing so last week as they razed a facility for testing canister-based ballistic missiles.

While America “committed to provide security guarantees,” with Trump later stating they are to halt war game military exercises with South Korea  “unless and until we see the future negotiation is not going along like it should.”

For the first time in living memory, there was political unity across the globe, from Russia to China, America and Europe, all stating their support for this agreement.

After almost 70 years, peace might be in sight in the Korean Peninsula, something which may ease tensions with China and pave the way for a new epoch.

In Palestine too, there are political signs that peace might rise. Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister, was uncharacteristically upbeat in a recent interview with Newsnight.

Never would have I imagined, he said, that we would, in my lifetime, have the current good relations we do with Arabs. We are not yet at a peace treaty, he said, like we have with Egypt, but relations are changing politically.

He suggested that if Israel has good relations with 99% of the Arabs, then that would address the Palestinian question. Implying there wouldn’t be any external funding to threaten Israel’s security, and thus they would feel safer to give them political autonomy and perhaps even sovereignty.

Something which would truly mark a new millennium and might even allow us to live something which many said was impossible: world peace.

Such achievement would elevate Trump to stand alongside the greatest statesmen to have ever lived. Even the mere fact such world peace is in sight suggests the trajectory is changing.

Yet we still wait for his promises of deregulation, for his plans to address “third world airports” and the grayer and grayer American skyscrapers, for his promises to do something about the current “chocking” of businesses where the free market has turned into a command economy of monopolies with permission slips for kids to sell lemonade.

There too he’ll deliver, we hope, and if he does, a “chess master” prize should be set up in his honor to rival the Nobel prizes.



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  1. What a dumb article. This just in guys, bitcoin slightly up after my morning bowel movement….. correlation is not causation.

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