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Cryptonians Outraged as They Suddenly Find Out r/bitcoin Bans Everyone


“I’m a BTC holder and believer. Recently there was a Post in the Bitcoin subreddit about the extremely low fees in the current lightning Network. OP claimed that Bitcoin with lightning has the lowest fees compared to all other alts.

While I’m a strong believer in Bitcoin I also dislike the spreading of false claims about the projects I follow either good or bad. So I stated that while Lightning works amazing so far, to claim it has the lowest fees compared to all other alts is factually incorrect.

Now 1 day later I’m banned for 90 days from the bitcoin subreddit. What the actual ****? Is this normal?”

So says a cryptonian who apparently just found out that bitcoin’s subreddit utilizes considerable censorship in a fairly arbitrary manner with the end result being temporary brainwashing.

The sub’s CSS is furthermore modified to hide what can be called manipulation, leading to a lack of awareness by newcomers of just how they are being deceived.

If you do not see views that go against a certain statement, and that certain statement is instead repeated unchallenged endlessly on, one becomes a blindfaith “believer.”

To complete the brainwashing you utilize a daily two minutes of hate, then for some soma you provide plenty of memes. In addition, short pejorative words create bonding between “us” and a place to park all our negative emotions in “them.”

A stream of new ones will replace the old ones who might have gotten wiser as the facade wanes on. Some of the old ones might play the game.

Banning of any dissenter or removal of any comment that might disturb the brainwashing process is very crucial. And while all this became fairly obvious in 2015, it has actually been going on a lot longer.

Ethereum, for example, was called a scam in Theymos controlled spaces for years. Spaces that came under his ownership in unclear circumstances. But the censorship has been getting a lot worse. This is today’s frontpage:

You may notice there is something missing which is found on the frontpage of almost all other crypto subs. That is Coinbase announcing their index fund is now launched.

Coinbase has apparently been removed from following a redesign of that page. That website, too, somehow came under the control of Theymos.

The biggest crypto-broker is often subject of two minutes of hate in r/bitcoin, but what they hate more is what they call altcoins, otherwise said, any cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin, including ethereum.

Something which worked when bitcoin was the only game in town and when r/cryptocurrency was a ghost zone, but the latter now has as much as, if not more, users online as r/bitcoin.

That’s partly because cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity this year, gaining 60% of the market share in combination. They are still however prohibited in r/bitcoin even in passing comments.

“Altcoin shills run a risk of getting banned. That’s not censorship,” a former chaintip employee who somehow ended up being second top mod of r/bitcoin, says.

Now the rules say “submissions that are mostly about some other cryptocurrency belong elsewhere,” but that’s not very true. If the submission is about a negative aspect of a different cryptocurrency, then not only is it allowed, but might be bot voted up.

Also, if the submission was about Litecoin during a period prior to the Lightning Network being released and while bitcoin’s fees reached $70 per transaction, it would have been allowed.

Nor are only submissions forbidden. Comments that mention another coin, even in a reasonable context, usually get you banned. Sometime, of course, they might not. Arbitrariness is needed for plausible deniability.

Their “intellectual” basis for this authoritarianism appears to be a simple subjective, general, handwaving by someone who apparently was often a mod and therefore tries to justify it by stating:

“I bet, nine times out of ten at least, it is a comment that really is low-quality.”

Basing policy on bets is of course how a reasonable person behaves, rather than trying to analyze facts and reach conclusions from them. But 10% of all thousands of comments being removed while there is no justification does appear to be far too much.

And if that 10%, even if we take their scenario, happens to appear politically motivated or “targeted” based on financial interests or some other corruptive aspect, then you are no longer addressing low-quality, but abuse of power.

An abuse of power which bitcoin was invented to address. So in a way Theymos et al., may be doing us a service by showing us so clearly just how abusive master/slave relationships can be where one individual has the power to decide many things.

It is because of that abuse that monarchs were removed back then, it is because of that abuse in money printing that cryptos have gained popularity, and it is because of that abuse in social networks that ethereum holds some promise, alongside the many other areas where “masters” abuse their privileges at the expense of “slaves.”



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