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“Blockchain Will Penetrate Our Entire Economy” Says Swiss Collective Head of State


Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, member of the Swiss Federal Council which uniquely in Switzerland has all seven members as a collective head of state in a round table of sorts, has given “a positively Churchillian speech” according to Emin Gün Sirer at the Crypto Valley Conference currently on-going in Bern.

“History is littered with examples of what happens when the train speeds off in a different direction: The World Wide Web may have been invented in Switzerland, at Cern in Geneva (albeit by a Briton, but we will overlook that…),” the Head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research says.

A graduate of aptly named ETH Zürich, who studied electrical engineering just in time for the digital revolution in 1977, the head of state told the attendants it is “never too early.”

“The fact that Switzerland is today a global leader in high-tech industries and in pharmaceuticals is seen as normal. It is easy to forget that these sectors too once started out with previously unknown technologies and services. Like Blockchain is doing today,” the Minister said.

He revealed they are looking at regulatory measures regarding ICOs and blockchain technology, but his message was education, education, education.

“We need to put even greater emphasis on digitalisation and technology in schools. We need more IT specialists (not to mention Blockchain experts). And we need more research projects and professorships in this field…

Because education and research are essential, I’m especially glad that players from the science world are so much involved in the Crypto Valley Conference,” he said.

It is the mountains of Crypto Valley many have chosen as home in the most decentralized and democratic country on earth.

There, the Ethereum Foundation sets its flags, and other blockchain companies wrapped around, to make Switzerland a tech centre for Europe as far as this space is concerned due to its close proximity to Germany, France, Italy, and even Britain.

Their political independence and long standing history of neutrality, which would enrage any citizen of however a war thirsty country they may be if breached, was the organically chosen safe place during slightly more challenging times for this space and the world.

They have returned the favor, and in this decisive year, their collective head of state decisively says:

“In a few years’ time the whole of Switzerland should be a crypto or Blockchain nation… hardly anyone still doubts that blockchain will penetrate our entire economy.”

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