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Ethtrader Gilded with Gold


Kids. Gold reigns in a far and obscure corner of the internet where rare and exotic species that worship strange triangle like figures congregate daily to engage in a mystical religious ritual called “eth’s price: up, down, or sideways?”

A rare event occurred there yesterday in honor of the Summer Solstice when the golden sun reached the highest point of strength for the year.

A peak into a strange universe.

When the daily is gilded, it’s bullish – one trader said once. Such wise words were lost, so a wise man repeated them again.

Time passed, then another one said it. Then slowly they all started wondering if it is true, so one young mischievous etherean tried it, and in awe they stood.

Not one word was said about that golded thread, all far more preoccupied with the price rise that followed, but to themselves they all said it is true, when you guild the daily it is bullish.

So dressed up nice, full of fragrance, cat on one hand, dog on other, me so cool I’ll show them all, someone went out and boom boom boom, gild gild gild, automod bot ded so much gold, so much gold:

Highest ever gilding of ethtrader’s daily.

Then silent they stood, all with eyes towards the moon, but vengeful god in punishment sent eth’s price down.

You do not trick reality. Shortcuts are for feeble idiots. Hard work, good honor, the journey boy, the living experience. Oh, yeah, and the upvotes.

In times long gone, when we were young, 300, ts, even bitcoin’s daily would get that. 1,000, 2,000, 3eeeee thousand when?

But is… but are… do these kids… are they saying something? In the valley of despair, when the abyss on one hand looks at the sun’s flair, the present might look comforting just as tormenting.

To kick that abyss down and down, for memory lanes alone to hold around, you need time. Slow and steady, unpretentiously, rising just a little bit, unnoticeably.

Now that cat guy might go out again an vruuu buy all things or sell all things while others say nooo wa nooo sit there.

But we wouldn’t care for it is a very rare moment in time during these few remaining precious months until scalability is cracked.

Soon, our baby will be a teenager. Moody and angry, revolting against authority, shouting at us, giving no ear. For now, however, the thing adores us, and listens attentively.

It is here when the future is set, in these precious moments. That’s why we’ve called 2018 the decisive year, for it is here when the foundations are truly laid.

The world might look very different soon as 2019 nears the roaring 20s. A new decade is a very rare event, and we haven’t had much reason for confident optimism since 1999.

Rhyme, the song of time, rhyme, with lessons learned we shall like. And in concrete terms that lesson may be supply and demand.

It isn’t much coincidence that bitcoin mooned in 2013, after its halving in 2012, or in 2017, after its halving in 2016.

While economists would tell us both would be priced in, observation tells us neither were. Such pattern wasn’t available at the time however, but we doubt even that knowledge will change anything.

For man thinks himself smart when even cats think he is stupid. And if of metaphor enough you haven’t had, we’ll plainly say enjoy the sunshine valley.

The time of spring when green begins, a world awaiting a new thing, from mountains high to valley lau, the world of imagination wide appears near.

Where price is concerned however, up or down, none of our business in any kind. To kids we leave that one.



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