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Vitalik Buterin Nears One Million Twitter Followers


Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, metaphorically has an entire metropolitan city subscribed to every word he utters on twitter, now reaching 781,000 people.

That puts him in the top 2,000 twitter accounts in the world, according to TwitterCounter, which says “this metric places this account comfortably within celebrity status.”

He’ll need another 10 million followers, however, to overtake Leonardo DiCaprio and break into the top 100 twitter accounts, which would make him pretty much a household name.

Yet even as it stands he’s apparently now a celebrity, like Selena Gomez or Elon Musk, but with way, way less followers as many more (22 million) apparently want to see Musk tweeting about SpaceX rockets.

But compared to mere mortals like trustnodes with just 2,350 followers, Buterin clearly has a lot more people interested in what he has to say.

Trustnodes however is relatively new with its one year anniversary just last month, but even the ancient Coindesk has less followers than Buterin, some 50,000 less.

That should make Buterin the most followed crypto related account we should think, above any other, but Charlie Lee for some reason is pretty close with 779,000 followers.

Considering ethereum’s far bigger community and general interest attraction, it appears quite interesting that Lee has nearly as many followers, but these figures apparently need to be halved as most are seemingly inactive followers.

Yet Roger Ver apparently has more than half a million, while Andreas Antonopoulos has just under half a million, with Brian Armstrong standing at almost quarter of a million.

Changpeng Zhao is a newcomer and he’s shot to nearly 200,000 followers, with Nick Szabo having just a little bit more.

Justin Sun of Tron has more than both combined, at 528,000, while Dan Larimer of EOS has only 20,000 followers, far less than Emin Gün Sirer of Cornell with 66,000.

The EOS twitter account, however, does have 174,000 while Ethereum’s official twitter account, which is rarely used to almost none at all, has more than half a million.

And all of these figures are far, far higher than a year ago, showing some considerable growth in new users during the past twelve months.



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