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First Blockchain Advert Shown on Prime Time TV During the World Cup


The air is thick with anticipation as England meets Sweden in the quarter finals just as America is about to wake up at 3PM London time.

The queen will not be there, nor any prince, in protest of the salisbury attack, making it potentially, quite unintentionally, a symbolic presentation that decentralization has reached the world cup stage for no central figure will stand.

Nor does symbolism end there. There would be layers upon layers if Brexit England does progress to the semi-finals, then to the finals, and then perhaps even wins, in Russia.

Trafalgar square would be flooded like in no time within memory. Trump would be in England too. The Brits, and their derived Americans, united as one.

The streets are almost empty. A country on edge. Can England really win again? Can they for once be proud. Would that be a catalyst for optimism? May it so cleanly close a difficult chapter of two decades of war to greet what now looks like general peace on earth?

All that does not depend on this one match. It will decide little, but it may help for an England v France final, if it goes so, the new Britain v the old Europe, would be a mirror of our times.

Some 3 billion people are expected to watch the world cup. Effectively the entire world. The game that is played everywhere, and at all times even in the trenches, is to reach its pinnacle on July 15th.

And for the first time ever, the blockchain will be there, presented to the world in adverts that will run at all times on ITV and Eurosport during the world cup games, including the final.

And what the world will see, is the imagined future. A birthday girl in her home goes through virtual dresses and tries them on. She likes one very much, so her mother pays for it through a face scan.

The family leaves to collect the birthday cake, and suddenly the home comes to life. The fridge starts talking, making the family dog wof wof. The shower too, then a gas meter, with a ping like noise showing payments for energy and so on, automatically made through the blockchain.

It’s the internet of things, and Hyundai’s Hdac is dreaming all of it. They raised more than $250 million in an ICO, and their private blockchain project targets the IoT market.

The full advert is barely 30 seconds, although there is a longer 70 second version. They mention the blockchain once, but that is really in the background with prominence given to machines that can act, or as they say in marketing to features and benefits rather than the what.

It is, of course, a completely professional advert and the first of its kind. Many more may follow, as the second stage of blockchain adoption continues.



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