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Ethereum’s Google Searches Fall Off the Cliff, Is There a Bottom in Sight?


Google searches for ethereum have fallen some 90%, from an all time high in December 2017, to now just 10 out of 100 for the past 12 months.

What 10 or 100 means exactly is unclear as Google doesn’t provide actual numbers, but the picture is pretty clear and suggests the masses have sort of moved on.

Google Searches for Ethereum, July 2018

The same picture repeats for bitcoin and in pretty much all countries. They came, they saw, they went. Some stayed, of course. Ethereum is still processing some 600,000 transactions a day. It actually has so much demand it can’t meet it currently until sharding scalability is implemented.

Signs of a growing ecosystem and infrastructure are everywhere, as well as of growing interest from companies and big names, but the December euphoria is now clearly gone.

That’s replaced by interest on what ethereum can do. Searches for ethereum’s main programming language, Solidity, for example, are pretty close to all time high and are staying at a relatively high level.

Google Searches for Solidity, July 2018

Apparently people always wanted to know what solidity is. Presumably the state of being solid, but it takes off during summer 2017 and stays high for almost a year.

That’s clearly related to ethereum’s Solidity rather than people just wanting to know what a solid state is, as further shown by smart contracts which too are near all time high.

Google Searches for Smart Contracts, July 2018

China, interestingly, wants to know more than anyone else what smart contracts are. Significantly more than Hong Kong.

We couldn’t fit the fifth position, but it is South Korea. Interesting South Africa makes an entrance. Their central bank may use an ethereum based private blockchain as a back up of sorts for payments between commercial banks.

The relative stability where coding knowledge is concerned, and the apparent price mirror where ethereum searches are concerned, does appear curious.

Of course not much can really be discerned from these stats, but searches for ethereum news also look pretty much the same as those for ethereum.

That could suggest that most people have now searched for eth and know what it is, but when compared to bitcoin searches, ethereum looks like a blip and had an 8 even when bitcoin had a 100.

Bitcoin, ethereum google searches, July 2018.

So perhaps people no longer needing to google what they already know is not quite a good guess. It appears instead less people are hearing about ethereum and therefore less are searching to find out what it is. While where the coding aspects are concerned, there appears to be a relatively stable stream of individuals learning about it.

A new one is born every second, of course, and maybe more than just one new boy or girl. So stability is expected, but the spike and then fall does look peculiar.

One way it can make sense is that it isn’t people wanting to know what these things are, although of course there would be some of that, but it is instead people that have, want or are considering having bitcoin or eth.

The price rise, of course, created plenty of buzz and plenty wanted to see just what was going on. With price turning, you’d think onlookers left the show and moved on, while you’d also think plenty stayed.

That might suggest some correlation between searches and price, but to what extent and which is causing which, remains unclear.



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