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Ethereum’s Devcon Tickets Sell Out in 18 Minutes


Ethereum’s highlight of the year, Devcon IV, is now just three months away starting on October 30th in Prague, Czech Republic.

Tickets for the first “wave” opened yesterday, finally answering the “when tickets” question that now risks becoming a meme for they sold out in 18 minutes, according to Hudson Jameson, an ethereum developer.

“Got an error message at first ‘not enough tickets available to fulfil your order’ and now the link just redirects me to the top of the page. Seems the first wave sold out in 15 minutes. Can anyone confirm?” So asks an etherean who didn’t make it.

Poor guy was willing to pay €1,025, but looks like they sold out before he could even finish the form. There were only 300 of them afterall.

“Next wave begins soon,” the Devcon website says. That’s a trademarked word, and the soon-ish version is patented. Certainly do not dream of using “two weeks,” lawsuits will fly, guaranteed. Might give some leeway for 18 months however.

Memes, all of them, as is waves. They’re coming, and they’re coming in waves. They’ve split the tickets in batches of general admission tickets, with that called waves ™.

Now that’s only for the “normies.” Buidlers get a special fast lane through a builders discount. They say:

“We’re reserving the majority of tickets for recipients of the Builder Discount, and will carefully review each application to ensure we’re curating an inclusive and diverse group of builders from our community.”

That’s misspelled. It should be buidl. We demand resignations! But all joking aside (yeah not in this article), there’s scholarships.

Now that doesn’t send you to university. All it does is it sends you to Devcon, presumably for free. There’s three scholarships, one of them is “for the most passionate builders and multipliers from developing countries across the world.”

Presumably by multiplier they don’t mean making babies, although maybe they do, metaphorical babies. Anyway, they have a unicorn scholarship as well, or as they boringly call it, Equity and Inclusiveness:

“If you identify with an underrepresented population (race, gender, sexuality…) within the Ethereum ecosystem, know that you’re not alone!”

So if you’re from a developing country and a woman, you get bonus points? What if from developing country and a woman and a lesbian? Ooo, wait, we’ve cracked the code. Fastest path must be a woman from a developing country that’s not white and is a lesbian and an immigrant?

Got it. If you’re plain white and a boring westerner and god forbid, a man, you’re not alone! There’s the Future Scholarship.

Now, that’s not talking about CBOE or CME, or the future itself, but about those buidlers again. They say:

“If you’re a builder and/or a multiplier from an academic and/or research institution we’d like to invite you to expand your Ethereum community network and attend Devcon4 in Prague!”

Now, wait, what is multiplier? Is that a thing? They seem to be everywhere! And google isn’t much help. According to them ethereum multiplier is some ponzi smart contract, while just multiplier is:

“A multiplier is the factor by which gains in total output are greater than the change in spending that caused it.”

Yup, still none the wiser. We think they mean thinker. Or a very smart person. You know, someone with that X Eth Factor.

Anyway, that’s all you need to know because the agenda or much else isn’t out. Hopefully these tickets did go to ordinary people however, rather than a hoarder hoping to sell them for €10,000 because it does seem quite amazing they went out so quickly.

There’s 3 waves, so that makes it 900 total tickets for the public. If the majority is for buidlers, multipliers, and all that, then presumably total attendance will be 2,764 people.

That’s a very precise number because it’s the maximum capacity at the Congress hall of the Prague Congress Centre. The entire centre can house 9,300 people, but in different rooms.

With so much space and so many attending, if one is desperate to go to Devcon, you can just go hang around the centre as there will probably be plenty of builders and multipliers in and out, although perhaps mostly in as there doesn’t seem to be much space out.

It will probably also be livestreamed, so you’ll be able to see the presentations and so on from your own home if you like, not least because perhaps you won’t have much choice if the other waves sell out just as quickly.



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