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The United


Upon the highest tower, a man stares in wonder. The people there, the zazaze. The lights, the sky, the happy planes flying by, his status up so high.

Among the slums of merylands, scavengers going around. Starving Venezuelans about to break into a zoo, food for tonight.

In a red room of politburo, an empty round table with one man. To my children I said no, my smart millennial boy, his thought.

Las dashestanch, in Germaland. What is this blockchain. In the Brexit whitepaper! Sort it out.

The idea, you know and I’m no fan, I totally agree with all you said Sballman, but the idea, you know having computers do these things, taking out human involvement, is a bit interesting.

Bitcoin is rubbish, Mr IBM, but the tech, the network, how it all, it’s genius, it is utterly genius. It is bigger than E=mc^2. 

We can take these pyramids of derivatives and we can give them ground, we can automate the lot of them. Why we need central banks? We, Sachsman Gold, can do all this, can have, can be, says fine woman.

Ha, ha, ha, Mr Prime Minister. They in uproar over the bitlicense! I told you Caron I… we can become the capital of finance, we can, please just listen to me.

I was surfing online, starving. My mother crying. We have nothing. Then someone sent me 0.5 nano, online, tipped. An entire dollar. I spent all night to learn what on earth is this thing, then next day I was convinced. No, was not an answer.

Shop to shop I went. Will you please sir accept this crypto. Oh what might, what god, pushed me to the end of earth and get someone to take my nano dollar for food.

When I went back with a bag of rice, the look on my mother. We can eat tonight and more than that, I done it once I can do it again. The cryptonians came, they gave me nano. Now I give bags of food to people that are starving.

I’m not genius, I’m just able to calculate by head three digit multiplications about twice faster than anyone else. 

I remember a time when the internet had spirit. And I wanted to be part of it. I aced the maths, I went to MIT, I learned all the coding and off to Silicon Valley.

Dream land. Facebook jab. Top of the world lad. Then they asked me to make granny click on ads. They put all this “scientific” stuff on there, just a jab, but, I wasn’t changing the world, I was enslaving mankind.

I hear about this crypto stuff. All these hackers hacking hackers. You know, I had heard about it of course, but, I look at this solidity, and I’m hooked.

The war was raging on. No one called it a war. It was out there. Not here. Millions dead. Coffins coming home. The atmosphere among students was so tense that an imminent revolt appeared imminent.

Then Obama, hopy, changy. We didn’t know then, but it turned out to be a snake tongue. We thought we had some respite, at least briefly, then banks collapsed.

I worked in finance, you know, even went to the gold vaults at England’s central bank. The dirt, the revulsion. I don’t know if this bitcoin thing works but.

We don’t… you need no… it’s…

An awakening. In any part of earth, under any regime, under any employment, under any intelligence. 

When intellect asked who will come, the genes came. Nakamoto his name, but the solution is a product of human kind itself. 

It unites political spectrums. Nations. Standings. For the idea is so utterly self evidently true. You look and you can’t help but think: well this is a solution. The United. 



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  1. hA! sounds like trustnode REM sleep patterns

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