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EOS Hits 1,200 Transactions Per Second While Ethereum Suddenly Faces Congestion, Coincidence?


The barely month old eos blockchain has reached a new high of 1,275 transactions per second while processing around 500,000 transactions in the past 24 hours according to block explorers.

Beginning around ten hours ago and for a very brief second, eos processed nearly 800 transactions in one second. Around one hour ago it reached 990, and then at the time of writing, 1,200 for just one second.

It then returned to somewhat normal, with it unclear at this stage just how exactly these transactions per second are being measured.

Eos suddenly claims it reached 1,200 transactions per second

Yet the celebration in eos spaces comes at a time when ethereum is suddenly congested with an increase in transaction volumes starting only yesterday causing a rise in fees which currently stand at ~$1 per transaction.

A dapp developer has accused eos of orchestrating the congestion in ethereum. Speaking to Trustnodes in a brief interview, he says:

“If you don’t think EOS is doing it, then who has 2 million dollars a day to attack ethereum, and also owns eos tokens?”

Dan Larimer, eos’ lead developer, has denied the allegations. Commenting earlier on a Telegram channel, Larimer says:

“I can assure you block one wouldn’t be so stupid to spend our resources attacking eth when all it takes is crypto kitties. There are far smarter and more cost effective ways at bringing eth down if that were the goal.”

Yet these very high transactions per second suddenly occurring when ethereum suddenly finds itself congested, looks like a very interesting coincidence.

No least because one has to wonder as to who exactly is transacting so much on eos. It took ethereum about three years to reach 500,000 transactions a day and an incredibly popular dapp that went viral.

Yet we are to believe eos, which has been facing problems upon problems, including $30 ram fees, has in a week attracted so much demand?

Of course not. Transactions can easily be faked, making this appear very much orchestrated. And if it is so orchestrated in eos, perhaps it is in eth too.

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  1. yes, but EOS dev are V. SLOW Fallback not working for 0,3% address and many poples still waiting for their tokens

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