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Anti-Crypto Congressman Brad Sherman to Hold Town Hall Meeting


Congressman Brad Sherman, who has created a festively angry atmosphere in the crypto space after he said cryptos should be outright banned, is to hold a Telephone Town Hall meeting on August the 7th between 7PM and 8:30 PM.

What topic will be discussed is unclear, but a number of cryptonians have come out to say they are from his district, so a recording might perhaps come out.

“I never had a reason to work against Mr. Sherman. Now I do,” one voter from his district says. “I actually didn’t mind him much, but hearing about this all is extremely frustrating,” says another.

Sherman is up for re-elections this November in California District 30, which he has represented since the 90s.

Described as a rank and file democrat, he votes almost 100% with his party, potentially suggesting he has no strong beliefs or convictions.

A career politician, he appears keen to shout whatever the political buzzword of the day happens to be, but outside of the cameras there is a very different story.

In an investigative report, a local Californian paper describes an atmosphere of bullying and sexual harassment in Sherman’s offices. They say:

“‘It was a rare day that several staffers were not screamed at,’ recalled one [former staffer]. And it was not just about work performance, he said, but about things that were far beyond the scope of their jobs.” They further say:

“Eight former aides said the environment in Sherman’s D.C. and California offices was so toxic, it was laughable to think junior staff would have felt comfortable raising concerns about harassment – or anything else.

‘Congressman Sherman showed zero interest in the personal well-being of his staffers and there’s no reason to believe he would have cared or taken any action if a complaint was made,’ said one former staffer.”

You’d expect liberal Californians to be outraged at this mistreatment of women and men, but electoral cheating through redistricting gave Sherman some 60% of the votes in the primary this June.


That may be, however, simply because no one paid any attention. Mid-term elections, let alone primaries, are hardly a priority of busy millennials or parents. Yet, for Sherman, that may change.

Republican Mark Reed doesn’t appear to be that far off if cryptonians galvanized in this district. They wouldn’t necessarily campaign for him, but against Sherman who now risks tainting all of the Democratic Party.

This space isn’t left or right because there are plenty cryptonians who lean left or right and plenty in the middle. We thus try to maintain neutrality, but of course not where we are assaulted as was the case here with Sherman stating cryptos should be banned.

The Democratic Party thus might itself wish to ask for his resignation if that is possible, or cryptonians might try to get him unseated with a twitter hashtag already formed #UnseatSherman2018.

The task would be difficult as he is a rank and file democrat, but not impossible if his hypocrisy is shown. Reed is a Republican, which would probably be a minus in that district, but he seems to be a pretty center candidate.

“I have a strong belief that real representation will put country before party and people before politics,” Reed says.

He looks electable, and if he starts accepting crypto donations, that $12,000 from Allied Wallet that went to Sherman might well be dwarfed.



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