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Vitalik Buterin Goes to Peepeth After Twitter Becomes Bot Infested with Scammers


Vitalik Buterin, ethereum’s inventor, said in a peep and tweet that “he is testing Peepeth for the first time,” before further adding:

“Lots of things I’m impressed by! Good UI; “Opinionated features”; Charity stickers, going to the Against Malaria Foundation; Ability to peep and tweet at the same time.”

He himself bought a charity sticker which is shown on his profile on peepeth, with the funds going to the Against Malaria Foundation.

We’re not very sure about the Good UI part, however. We tested peepeth some time ago and even used it for a bit, with the dapp running pretty fine and smoothly, like twitter, yet there are some noticeable differences.

The main one is that the dapp is fairly small currently, with just 1,800 users, which is fine as all things start small, but they have a timeline where all tweets of everyone are shown.

You can go to your friends tab, and then it is effectively twitter, but people land on the all peeps timeline. There, replies to peeps are shown, as well as repeeps or retweets. So it can become a bit repetitive as everyone retweets or replies to everyone else.

The atmosphere, moreover, is sort of like being at the town square with everyone getting the microphone to speak to all others whenever they want. A bit like a chatroom really. For us, that led to wondering whether we were bordering on spamming by peeping our articles as we do on twitter.

On twitter, of course, the ones that see our tweets are the ones that follow us, so we have no concern at all, but on peep everyone sees them, whether they follow or not, so there’s different considerations.

That however is a minor point with the main one being this repetition of replies and retweets on the front time-line. You could of course ignore the front time-line if you wish and focus on your friends’ time-line, but it would be better if that UI point was addressed.

Otherwise the atmosphere is somewhat interesting on peepeth and we have not seen any of the scammer bots that have plagued twitter to the point that a better estimation of one’s popularity is not whether they have the blue ticker, but whether they get scammer bots.

The worst part of that is sometime even journalists fall for it, and not just crypto journalists but even mainstream “journalists.” Then they write x was giving away eth.

Very untrue of course. Those “send 1 eth and I send you 10 back” are impersonating scammers like Nigerian princes and their spam emails. There is zero chance you’ll get any eth back and if anyone was giving away eth or any crypto they would just give it away, they would not ask you to send them money first.

Something that seems utterly obvious, but then when even “journalists” fall for it, you can be sure plenty are being scammed.

Nor is twitter doing anything about it. In many ways, in fact, they are complicit. There are reports and reports of people being asked to send IDs, Passports, etc, to prove they are who they are and that the bot is the impersonator.

Which is excusable not, but when the same people who have already sent their IDs report a new impersonating scammer bot, twitter asks them to send their ID again and go through the whole process again, every single time.

You can imagine bots would beat humans who just click report and have the matter dealt with straight away, but at least it might be a closer “battle.” Humans who have to send ID over and over again, however, obviously have no chance.

All suggesting twitter is putting hurdles in front of good men and women, so any chance they’ll actually take action and get rid of these bots seem fairly close to zero.

Nor is FBI or whatever alphabet agency seemingly caring. They were quick to pressure Google and Facebook to ban crypto ads, seemingly including from Coinbase and others, but when it comes to obvious scams they apparently twiddle their thumbs and whistle.

Which is why if peepeth is improved a bit more it might have a chance as probably only competition can keep these companies accountable, but whether current tech giants will actually face some competition remains to be seen.



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